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"Next comic, you die first!"
―Lihkan to a Ninja in a comic.
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Author powers, Toa powers stored in the Stone of Seventen
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Crazy-Lihkan38, known commonly around the universe as Lihkan, or less commonly CL38 or simply CL, is a Ta-Matoran who lives in the Comic Land. He is currently the author of Crazy-Lihkan38's Comics.


Early History[]

Lihkan originally lived in the Ta-Koro Reserve in Comic Land where he met his best friend Antwon. At some point in the past, Antwon helped Lihkan learn how to store and summon his Toa Powers in the Stone of Seventen.

Comic Series[]

At some point Lihkan and Antwon met Praduk and Turaga Kongu, and they all ended up moving to BZ-Metru. After guest starring in several other comic series, Lihkan and his best friends moved into his own studio to begin his comic series.

Abilities and Traits[]

Lihkan is has slight mental instability, hence his full name of Crazy-Lihkan. He can be incredibly sarcastic and enjoys chaos, but can be noble and responsible. He is incredibly loyal to his friends and those who have helped him out.

As the author of a comic series, he has a slight power complex, and expects respect as well as acceptance of his leadership. He has a secret surveillance room, as well as other secrets, hidden in the studio.

Lihkan was originally a Toa of Fire, but dues to his powers becoming unstable, he stores them in the Stone of Seventen, becoming a matoran in the meantime. If the needs arises, he can use the Stone to temporarily transform back into a Toa. He keeps the Stone on him at all times, and must in physical contact or in close proximity to use it.

In his comics, he has control over the mythical Author Powers. He does not use them often (as he might be aware of them) but he can affect the comics in powerful and dangerous ways. They are exactly the same to Tapio's powers in Comic 20 of Toatapio Nuva's Comics, Comic 21, and the Toa of Power Guest Star Comic. He has been seen to be able to Dragon Shouts.


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