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Lightstone Amplifier
Order of Mata Nui, Keo Botez Order
Amplifly Light throught the use of lightstones
In use

The Lightstone Amplifier is a weapon created by the Keo Botez Order. It is used by them and the Order of Mata Nui against the Brotherhood of Makuta and shadow beings. It also comes with blind-prevention goggles that prevent extreme amount light from rendering user going blind.


The Lightstone Amplifier has the ability to amplify light of a lightstone. It replaced the Lightstone Rifle as the Lightstone Amplifier has fewer problems than the Lightstone Rifle. The Amplifier works the same way as the Rifle does, put in a lightstone in the barrel, and fire. Although the Amplifier doesn't actually shoot the lightstone, but it uses the light from the stone, and with that modification, you could use the Amplifier up to twenty times on one lightstone. The Lightstone Amplifier, like the Lightstone Rifle, adds electricty to the light. Also, you don't have to wait for the lightstone to charge as the electricty is not put into the lightstone, but instead through it. The Lightstone Amplifier is more powerful than the Lightstone Rifle, so it is actually a threat against Rahkshi, although it is not powerful enough to be a threat against Makuta.

The following is what happens when a Lightstone Amplifier is used. A lightstone is put into the barrel, and electricty is flown from the back of the gun through the stone, to the amplifier that's in the front. The trigger is then pulled, and the light from the stone is amplified by the amplifier, and the light shoots out with electricty laced through it. When the light shoots out without electricty, it can be used as a source of light.


Below is a list a of differences and modifications from the Lightstone Rifle.

Lightstone Rifle[]

  1. One use per lightstone
  2. Takes minimum 5 minutes to charge
  3. Not powerful enough to actually threat Rahkshi
  4. Can blind the user if not used correctly or if lightstone is deflected

Lightstone Ampliflier[]

  1. Twenty uses per stone
  2. Takes less than 5 seconds to charge
  3. Powerful enought to challenge Rahkshi (but not Makuta)
  4. Doesn't actually shoot the stone, but the light from the stone, making it impossible to defleft unless enemy of user has mirror-like solid. Also comes with blind-prevention goggles, goggles that prevent light from blinding user