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The Staff of Discharge is a powerful, all-round weapon. It is currently carried by Nokama (as a Kraata in a Rahkshi).


The Staff, when fired at different levels, causes dramatically different effects. At its lowest power, it would just temporarily stun the enemy. At the next power of strength, it does some good damage. Then, if you try hard enough, you could fire it to make the enemy receive amnesia (caused by the electricity scrambling the messages of the brain's memory section). At the highest possible power, the staff will completely discharge the enemy. All the pieces will fall off, leaving just a pile. The effects of this can only be undone by the staff and certain masks. Trying to use it at such a heavy power, though, needs lots of practice and mental discipline.

Known Users[]

  • Nokama -- as a Kraata, her Rahkshi suit wielded a Lightning Staff of Discharge. With the suits accuracy ability, this made her a deadly foe who could escape almost any trouble.