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Lightning Crystals are a source of power on Crystal Island that Makuta Burtok and Rayzok tried to utilize for the Brotherhood.


The crystals have been being created by the island's thunderstorms ever since the Great Cataclysm.

Crystal Raptors have been collecting them ever since the Raptors saw how pretty they were.

Makuta Burtok tried to collect some and start a power plant for the Brotherhood, but his efforts were stopped by the Avenging Alliance.

Source of Power[]

The crystals are a kind of glass that is made when lightning strikes the slightly metallic sand of Crystal Island. The sand fuses to glass, while the metallic particles are electromagnetized and drawn to each other slightly before the fusion is complete. The metallic particles hold the charge while the glass particles around the exterior insulate the charge from leaving.

This creates a kind of high-voltage battery that discharges slowly once cracked open and touched.

To get full capacity, the crystal must be ground into powder to release maximum charge at once.


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