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"No, it's more than just a machine. It has the power to grant life... to bring back the dead."
―Zaktan to Ura
Life Machine
Primary User(s) Piraka
Primary Location(s) Bio-Land, Tohunga Mountains, Tohunga Volcano, Piraka's Base
Functionality(ies) Bring dead back alive
Conservation Status The only one is abandoned

The Life Machine is propably the most dangerous machine of all time. It was designed and built by Avak and Zaktan.


Piraka Attack[]

The machine's purpose was to bring back dead evil guys, to join the Piraka. It needs the Vahi, Mask of Time to work. Building it took a long time, the Piraka sought the pieces for it one by one, all over Bio-Land. Finally, when it was ready, Avak built it and prepared it.

Zaktan managed to wake Tonga and Rordika with the machine but both died when the Vahi was removed by some Tohunga later during the Battle of Henkka Island. The machine remained in the Piraka's Base, abanoned for many years.

War Against the Spiders of Doom[]

Alex made plans for years about how to get in control of the machine. At some point of the war, when Tohunga Village was conquered, Alex went there and took some prisoners with him to witness his plan. After sucking the powers of Evil Toa of Aino's Blog, Thul and Thal and thus becoming a titan, he took out the Vahi which he had gotten from the Dark Hunters. He was challenged by Henkka who tried to rpevent him from using the machine.

Their fight was interrupted by The Rising. This gave Alex the opportunity to put the Vahi on the machine. Henkka blasted Alex and Alex made an attack back. They both fell onto themachine, causing explosions and different coloured lights. Then they disappeared, Henkka, Alex and the Vahi. Henkka disappeared in blue light, Alex in red and the Vahi in normal yellowish light.

After this incident the Tohunga started guarding the machine until the Great Migration. The machine is once again collecting dust with nobody looking after it, in the old Piraka's Base.


  • If Voporak used his powers on the place where the Vahi should be on the machine, it could be used.
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