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Lewa Preview frame 2
Portrayed by Aeden Gerds
Gender Male
Element Air
Kanohi Great Miru, Miru Nuva
Occupation(s) Toa
Status Alive
First Appearance Earth & Air

Lewa is a Toa of Air from Mata Nui. He's shown to be lazy and is a member of the Toa Mata.


Toa Mata

As Lewa and Onua are walking they're attacked by a Bohrok. Before Lewa can react, he is hit by the Bohrok's Krana, which infects him and takes control immediately. Onua reacts to this by fighting Lewa as soon as he attacks him. After defeating him, the Krana leaves Lewa's body, only to be stepped on by Onua. Lewa then wakes up confused as to what happened, and is told by Onua that he walked into a tree as he's given back his mask.

Toa Nuva

During the Bohrok Kal incursion, Toudo led Lewa through Ko-Wahi to its border with Onu-Wahi. Frustrated by the antisocial Ko-Matoran - and the blizzard they were journeying through - Lewa used his Miru Nuva in an attempt to scout the horizon, but was thrown about by the blizzard winds. He had accidentally levitated Toudo with him, with greatly annoyed the Ko-Matoran. Lewa then found him at the feet of Kopaka when searching for his lost Miru Nuva. Elated at finding his Toa-brother, Lewa asked for Kopaka's aid in getting to Onu-Wahi, but Kopaka said nothing and left. Lewa found that Toudo has abandoned him as well, leaving him lost and alone in the blizzard.

That night, Lewa had his mask replaced with a Krana once again, and ran towards Onu-Wahi through the weakening blizzard.


  • Lewa has been possessed a total of four times in this canon: the two instances from the main canon, once in Earth & Air and again in the post-credits scene of Astray in the Drifts.