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Leviathos Upgrade
Noctian-Makuta hybrid
Elemental Ice, Shadow, a limited amount of 42+ makuta powers
The Pit

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Leviathos is a Noctian warrior.


Although little of his early history is unknown, it is known that he lived as a fishermen on Noctia and that at some point a group of corrupt Toa massacred most of his village. While visiting the island the Makuta Mutran recognized him from some unkown event in the past and recruited him as his Makuta aid. Later while visiting Metru Nui on behalf of the Brotherhood during the Third Toa-Dark Hunter War he saw the corrupt Toa and when on a maniacal spree destroying large areas of city and killed members of both sides, he was banished to the pit only moments before his public execution. During his banishment Pridak contracted him to reconstruct a breather to allow him to breath on land. During this time Leviathos found a box with the mark of the Brotherhood of Makuta which he plans on using to his advantage.

Noctian was rivals with Makuta Necuas and the two of them fought often.

Broken Order Universe[]

Leviathos was a fisherman on Noctia until an unconscious Makuta (Makuta Necuas, as it so happened) drifted onto the island. The Noctians cared for the Makuta while he was unconscious. When the Makuta awoke, he killed several of the island's inhabitants and left for Destral. The Noctians became a cold race after that.

As it happened, Leviathos' best friend, Behmah was killed by the Makuta. Bitter, Leviathos abandoned his job as a fisherman in favor of the life of a warrior. When the Kritor/Makuta War came, Leviathos left the island to learn from the tactics of both sides.

At the close of the war, Leviathos returned to Noctia, but he kept himself isolated and secluded from the rest of the population. Sheriem learned of him and contacted him and offered him an alliance if he took over the Noctians. Leviathos agreed and killed the leader of the Noctians, assuming leadership of the race. He then declared an allegiance to the Secret Empire, for which Sheriem appointed him Barraki-general of the Noctians.


Although good at heart he has become cold and sadistic due to the murder the Noctians and other currently unknown reasons. The Prime Realty version has, however, always shown both a kind-hearted side and varying degrees of narcissism and arrogance. Leviathos was also once known on Noctia to be extremely charismatic.


He currently caries a blade made from salvaged materials found in the Pit. In the case of the Broken Order version, he bears a sword forged from the former tools of his best friend.


  • He is Biogecko's self MOC.
  • This is Biogecko's second attempt at making him: for the ridiculously over powered version see here.
    • Biogecko has many forms, some of which you can see here.
  • Readers can find the adventures of Biogecko's version of Leviathos (as well as his rivalry with Makuta Necuas) in the stories Leviathos' Story and The Leviathos Chronicles.