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HT Lerahk[]

"He's a bad minion, but a great army."
Lerahk (Toatapio nuva)
Lerahk Flash
Tonga's Rahkshi
Inwirn's Assistant, Soldier
Staff of Poison

Lerahk was one of Tonga's six Rahkshi. He later went to help Inwirn and later died in the Cavern of Lava.


Lerahk was created by Tonga. He created a Kraata and immersed it in Energized Protodermis, creating the armor. He then placed another Kraata in, making Lerahk alive.

Tonga used Lerahk as one of the 12 pawns he had. Lerahk was rarely active, until Tonga sent him with a few Vahki to destroy Tapio's Home. He did this and escaped later, noticing that there were dozens of Matoran inside.

Lerahk was sent many times by Tonga to attack Tapio and his friends. He was the only Rahskhi to survive in the last battle of Tonga's Attack, where the other Rahkshi were destroyed.

He was found and saved by Inwirn, Dumpa and Juho who were roaming around. Lerahk became Inwirn's helper, because of the gratitude he felt for her, seeing that she had accepted him as one of her own.

Inwirn cloned him into billions in War of the Clones after building the Cloning Machine. The army conquered all of Bio-Land and other lands too but was destroyed in the end by the good armies, after huge struggles. The original Lerahk was left, however.

Lerahk was mutated by Spiders of Doom but he still escaped with Inwirn and Dumpa (Juho had been killed). He went with them to the Cavern of Lava to seek the Mask of Reality, which Inwirn used to alter reality to her liking.

Lerahk was thrown into lava in Cavern of Lava after the adventure of False Reality. He died there.

False Reality[]

In the False Reality, Lerahk posessed powers far beyond the ones he had in the real one. He was sort of a Rahkshi Nuva. He was defeated by Tapio and his friends. He survived but when Tapio changed reality back to normal, all of this was wiped out of being.

Abilities and Traits[]

Lerahk is... just like the Lerahk of the real Bionicle world.


Lerahk wielded a Staff of Poison.


  • There were about 100 000 000 Lerahk at the worst at the time he was cloned.
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