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"Braak! Gook! Raawk!"
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Lepengu is one of the Bio Penguins.


Early Life[]

Lepengu was the first biomechanical being created. He does not know the Matoran language, and only speaks in Penguin Lingo.

During the Shattering, Lepengu rescued Popengu, aka Paul from being flung into space.

Lepengu forgot about a lot of things during the Time Slip. He was the only Bio Penguin affected.

During the final battle of Makuta and Mata Nui, he didn't do anything here except sit on the sand and blink.

Personality and Traits[]

Lepengu is very primitive. His name became the Matoran word for "Doofus".

Powers and Tools[]

Lepengu has two air punchers and a krana launcher.