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"Ah, Dark Leeches, and they better work." -Lemserk talking to Chirox when he come to get the Leeches.

Lemserk is a Makuta created by Makuta Teridax along with Vizserek and Frenserk. And is a member of The Trio.



Lemserk Like Vizserek and Frenserk was created to help spread shadow and destroy Shadow. But he was also created for a third reason and that was to keep a eye on Vizserek and Frenserk. When The Trio was formed Lemserk was sent on a mission (like Frenserk) to kill another Makuta, as a test by Teridax to see if Lemserk would be ably to help defeat Shadow. Before leaving, Lemserk created the blaster (he now has) and would test it to see how it would do in a fight. Lemserk was created after Frenserk.

On Drogis[]

The Trio tracked Shadow to a small island called Drogis. After a few days, Lemserk saw Vizserek's signal that Shadow had been found. So he went to join the fight, but he was there for only a few seconds before Frenserk made a wrong choice of words, and Shadow left. Lemserk tried to shoot him before he faded but missed.


Lemserk has the power over Water and Earth. He has good aim when it comes to taking something out with he's blaster. If he fires at you, and misses (which is unlikely if he sees you) then don't start looking around for him. Run! Get out of there because if you don't then you'll be shot at again and Lemserk never misses twice. So if you don't wont a virus called Bram in you then run. Lemserk has Dark Leeches that will add to his powers or ability's if they bite someone.

Mask and Weapons[]

Lemserk has the Mask of Hunger. He is armed with teeth, claws, a spiked blade and a Blaster that is Strapped to his left wrist. He also has a Tridak pod with Dark Leeches that when bite take one of it's victims powers or ability's and gives it to it's owner.



"You see that rock over there?" BAM!! "And now you don't" -Lemserk talking to Frenserk during one of their arguments.


Lemserk is willing to get rid of anyone to win. And only cares about himself and Teridax. Lemserk and Frenserk do not each like other that much, and that makes them argue and disagree. Lemserk also doesn't like Chirox that much, has you see in the top quote. And Chirox doesn't like Lemserk that much ether.