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"We already know that! If you want me to give your friend here a reduction in his life span, don't tell me what's going on here!


―Lekaxx to Bordakh, A Keerakh's Tale.

Lekaxx was a Dark Hunter, and later one of Darkraxx's allies.

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Dark Hunters (formerly), Shadowy Empire
Dark Hunter (formerly), assassin
Cordak Blaster, Scythe

History and Early Life[]

Lekaxx was once a warlord of a Spinian tribe on Spinia. He led his army into battle with the tribe that Drexvak belongs to, and his army was mostly destroyed, but he survived. He then began a new life as a bandit who simply wandered around looking for someone to rob. However, he once tried to attack the Order of Mata Nui member Eklektikon, and managed to tear off his left arm. However, Eklektikon fought back, and knocked Lekaxx out. Lekaxx tumbled down the cliffside into a ditch.

When he woke up, he was in the Shadowed One's fortress. Lekaxx had a high potential as a Dark Hunter, so the Shadowed One put him in the arena with the other trainees. Lekaxx won the battles and was recruited into the Dark Hunters.

Dark Hunters[]

Lekaxx's first mission took him to Destral, to see if he could find any new recruits. He captured a potential Dark Hunter, an evolved Visorak called Visorak-Kal, and brought him back to Odina. Visorak-Kal was recruited into the Dark Hunters. Later, Lekaxx and his new partner travelled to Metru Nui. They discovereda group of intelligent Vahki and interrogated them. When they found out that the Brotherhood of Makuta's Visorak were invading Metru Nui, Lekaxx and Visorak-Kal travelled back to Odina. Their next mission took them to Xia, where a Makuta called Darkraxx was trying to create a weapon to destroy the Dark Hunters, in an abandoned factory. Darkraxx fought Visorak-Kal outside the factory and won, but Lekaxx used his Telekinetic power to rip a ton of earth out of the ground. He then dropped it from 50 feet above the factory, smashing the roof in and destroying Darkraxx's experiments. Visorak-Kal then slammed Darkraxx from behind, knocking him flat, and both Dark Hunters vanished into the shadows.

Shadowy Empire[]

Lekaxx and Visorak-Kal were later recruited into the Shadowy Empire. Where they are now is unknown.