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I was sitting on my hammock, watching the sky as it continued to glow red, after Mount Valmai had exploded. What was I meant to do? How would I escape? I planned to find out.

Just over the horizon, I could see the Southern continent, in the distance. Leaping from my hammock, I ran across the canyon that over-looked my hut. I glanced at a poisonous Fikou Spider and jumped onto it's back without thinking.

During the giant stampede of Rahi, my legs were slipping and I began to lose my grip on the Fikou Spider Rahi. "Whoa!!" I cried as I skidded onto rocky plain, where millions of Rahi stood.

Taking a few steps further, I came to a beach, and fell down, exhausted from my travels. "I must get to the Southern continent!" I told myself firmly, as I climbed steadily to my feet.

As I swam I began to see the Southern continent clearer and clearer. I walked out of the sea and onto the shores of the island, huffing and puffing, trying to regain my breath.

Suddenly, I heard a sound of rustling coming from somewhere nearby. Just then, six figures jumped out of a bush, and surrounded me, along with several other Matoran.

The next thing I knew was that I was being chucked into a large Matoran Sphere violently. I rolled down the shores of the island and splashed into a huge sea, until finaly, after hours, I floated to a strange island.

A sign stood next to me, saying: "Diax Nui".

To be continued... Be sure to check out Lehku's Blog chapter 02.