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Legacy I: Dawn of Destruction
Xantra Magna, Matoran Universe
Date Set

BIONICLE Legacy: Dawn of Destruction is a story by Toa Novon.



The struggle for power has ended, but power has its weaknesses. Power can be in the form of a being or creature or maybe even a Kanohi mask. But power has it limits. In the land of Xantra Magna, a land off of the surface over the lands called the Matoran Universe, live eight tribes known as the Gratru. Each of the tribes possesses one of the eight elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Stone, Air, Ice, Light, and Shadow. The Gratru have held a power that was sent from space. The power is a mysterious Toa Canister sent from "the skies above."

The eight tribes have been living in peace. But when the canister landed in the midst of the peaceful Shadow Tribe, the shadows called Shadrak became consumed by the canister and became known as the Rebels. Just as peace was ending, a mysterious light from the Matoran Universe arose, and the signal was seen in the dark skies of Shada Magna. Six Matoran from a land known as Metru Nui, have felt the signal and have been summoned by the new Turaga of Metru Nui. A universe will fall, and the past calls upon six heroes...

Chapter 1: The Starting Point[]

“Xantra Magna, my friend. Xantra Magna," Turaga Zecnak pointed out to the six Matoran.

The Matoran from Ta-Metru named Antrik was a Ta-Matoran worker who lived in the upper parts of Metru Nui. Ga-Matoran biologist and teacher, Lequ, had worked with Ko-Matoran Nahaka and Po-Matoran Lenka on a ppteleportation]] project. Le-Matoran Zeska and Onu-Matoran Rekua, best friends and part of the Metru Nui Task Force (MNTF), protect Metru Nui’s power station.

“Now, all of you Matoran hold a piece of a puzzle known as the Foundation. You have been signaled by a past event, and I had seen it though my visions. Now, though I gave up my Toa powers for six stones, I had kept them, and have waited for this day. You are now the Toa Spedoka,” Zecnak told the six Matoran.

“But, Turaga, we're just Matoran!" Lequ explained to the Turaga,

“Yeah, but if we are future Toa, now is the time to be the Toa,” Rekua told Lequ.

Zeska said, “Hey, but what is our destiny?”

“Our destiny is to be Toa. If not, we failed our destiny," Lenka told the three, arguing.

“All right then, Lenka. We now are here, and now is the time to be Toa,” Antrik told the others. “Are you going to be talking all day like a Rahi bird chirping to you, or you going with me to the Temple?” Zecnak said to the six Matoran.

Stepping into a MNTF transport, the seven went into the Temple of the Great Spirit. Just as they got out of the transport, Toa Lhii (who had been Matoran legend, but had been created by Mata Nui himself in honor of the legendary heroes Lhikan and Vakama) stepped out of the shadows and said, “You have chosen the right Matoran for the job, Turaga. Now go back and get some rest; I too will be with you, as old as age.”

“Alright, my hot-headed friend. I'm going as old as age,” said the old Turaga.

“Now then, Matoran, you hold a piece of a puzzle which must be solved. Here, take these; I have to give you this as well” Toa Lhii said. Handing in Kanohi masks which replaced the matorans powerless mask, The Kanohi mask were exactly like the Toa Mata’s Kanohi. Lhii also gave them Nuva armor almost exactly like the Toa Nuva’s original armor.

“Uh, Lhii, I just have to ask, but...”

“Save it, Antrik. You have your duty; I have mine. Her are the Toa Stones.” Lhii gave them to the six Matoran.

“Hey! It's in the shape of our Kanohi!” Nahaka said, when, Lhii vanished.

“Where did—? What happened to Lhii?” everyone asked.

As they were asking questions, Lequ placed her Kanohi Stone into the Toa Suva. Once the other five Matoran saw this, they placed their Kanohi as well. One by one, they wore the Kanohi that the Toa Mata wore and wore the armor of the Toa Nuva.

Just as the Suva began to lift, the voice of Lhii was in the room. “Toa Spedoka. You are now the chosen Toa to face a great evil. Now, with this Kanohi and this armor, you are now Toa!”

The six Matoran then were incinerated by Toa Energy. Evolving into Toa, a great light was seen throughout the Great Temple. From the far reaches of Le-Metru, the light could be seen. Light had penetrated through the shadows. The formation of the Toa Spedoka had begun.

On Xantra Magna, the Gratru, almost like Matoran but different, were building a large fortress. The fortress was going to be for protecting the canister, which the shadows have already consumed and used to obliterate the last of the natives of Xantra Magna.

Just inside the Fortress, a large hand statue, having the names of the six Shadrak, began to move. The large hand statue had six fingers and began to send six shinning lines of light to the sky. It stopped within a few moments. The six lines were sent into space, where the origin of the canister could be called...

Xantra Magna was changed from a large land with eight colonies. The colonies were split up into six, and that when the canister came, that all changed. Xantra Magna turned from a wonderful land of peace and justice into the land of exiled and corrupted. The canister had power from another dimension. Not a universe, a dimension. But why was the canister sent here? What purpose did it have? What was its destiny? Just as these questions were left unanswered, a universe was turning into a world of chaos.

The canister was imprinted with a single word. The Shadrak archeologist named Shadoua and his partner Shata then decoded the word. It said, "Plague."

Back on Metru Nui, the newly-formed Toa Spedoka were already testing out their new masks and weapons. The weapons were almost exactly like the Toa Mata’s, and the only differences were the use of Protosteel and the fact that the Kanohi were more “adaptive” than the original Kanohi.

Just as they were walking out of the Great Temple, they saw smoke coming from the Coliseum.

“In the name of...” Antrik was about to say a forbidden word not spoken in 300,000 years when the Great Temple began to shake and break.

“Mata Nui is fighting.” Antrik pointed to the others. The skies of Metru Nui were turning into night and day, while clouds formed thunder. It was Mata Nui fighting, all right. But who was he fighting?

In space, Mata Nui was wandering around. In an asteroid belt, Mata Nui used his enormous hands and destroyed the asteroids, when, appearing before him, an entity of light and shadow said, “Mata Nui, I am what the Great Beings created. I am here to tell you to turn around and head back to Aqua Magna.”

“The Great Beings created you? Well, then, I will go back as soon you turn back around and...” Mata Nui was then being pulled from behind. “What are you doing?!” Mata Nui exclaimed.

“I here to take you back and start the universe all over again,” the entity said.

Just as they were being pulled into the atmosphere, the two beings created a landing, and with Mata Nui still functional, the entity, alive but in a coma, said, “Why did he want me back on this planet?” This question could be heard within his own body.

Just as Mata Nui made an impact to the planet, in another dimension the Kanohi Ignika was in space. But it wasn’t alone. The mask had floated around space for about thirty thousand years, and was turned from gold to black. Containing within the mask, his voice was treacherous while his plan failed. His name: Teridax.

Teridax couldn’t get out of the Ignika because Mata Nui and the Ignika had created a curse that caused him to be contained within it. Just as the Kanohi Ignika was sent into space, Ignika was then transferred too a new body. The body was the resurrected Matoro-like being. With gold armor and the a copy of the Ignika, the Matoro-like being then fused the mask Ignika to his face and Ignika, now free from his Life powers, was then happy.

Just as soon the bronze Ignika was entering the orbit of a dark and chaotic planet, Teridax found his chance to escape. The bronze Ignika did have some life powers thatnhe could access. Soon, in the orbit around the planet, Teridax utilized the last of the remaining life and formed a body and a board to ride on. Teridax, now banished for life and cursed for eternity, began to form a plan. He would be within another dimension where he could not die, and he could find a way to lift his curse off his shoulders.

Just as Teridax was done creating the body, the impact on the planet caused damage to the armor on him. Upon hitting the hard ground, Teridax thought, Somehow, I might manage in this body. Now only if...

That’s when he was shot behind by a spiritual Kraahkan. The mask then spoke in a language he couldn’t understand. Just as he was about to attack the Kanohi, a shot from six Kio away caused Teridax to fall down, paralyzed for a few hours. The shooter came, and spoke in the language which the Kraahkan spoke. Just as he was done speaking to the Kraahkan, the shooter said to Teridax with disgrace, “Teridax, my former leader. You now see what the Brotherhood of Makuta is. You may remember me as Emperor Vultraz.”

Teridax was about to respong when he fell asleep.

Chapter 2: The Eclipses[]

The Toa Spedoka were done practicing with their new masks and tools; they were helping anyone who had been hurt from the fire in the Coliseum. Just as they were finished finding any survivors, a mysterious portal opened, and out of that portal came six light beams. The light beams soon turned into long arms, and they captured the Toa Spedoka. Just as soon as the arms came, the Toa Spedoka tried to escape, but instead were pulled into the portal. Just as all six were into the portal, the six landed on a land not from the Matoran Universe.

“What happened?” Antrik asked.

“Well, it looks like we’re not in the Matoran Universe anymore,” Lequ told Antrik.

Just as their troubles began, the Shadrak appeared from underground. Pulling out fused weapons, The Toa Spedoka didn’t know whether they were good or evil, and didn’t fight back. Just as Lequ was about to speak, a flare of Light and Shadow came about. The Shadrak, hated light, so when the Shadrak saw the light, they became killing machines.

The closer they came to the light, the less life they had, so the Shadrak sprung the trap.

“Hey, skullheads!” a voice yelled.

Using both his shield and swords, the Toa then threw his swords and managed to cut the hand of a Shadrak. Just as he dropped to the ground, he got in his hand an artifact that the Spedoka didn’t know about. “Toa, I presume. My name is Bara, and you are now part of an everlasting war.”

“What?!” the six Toa were astonished at the fact that they were part of a war.

“If you want, I could just leave you here to die, like I did last time. Or would you like to come with me and escape before we end up like dead Agori?” The Toa then fired a blast of light, and used his Kanohi Telapac, Mask of Teleportation, and teleported himself and the Toa around him before the trap was sprung. The trap was a massive hole. Inside the hole, bodies of Shadrak laid within the sandy spikes.

Teridax was in a better place than the Shadrak. The being going by the name Icarax brought him to a captain of the Icarax Brotherhood. His name was Zantra, the captain who was named the conqueror of the land of Zantra. “What have we here? A mischievous warrior who lost his...”

Teridax just showed a grin at him. “Icarax, I will execute him, as you wish.” Icarax was pleased when the word "execute" was spoken. Icarax then pushed Teridax to the ground when Teridax used his Mask of Death on him. Icarax turned around and used the Mask of Intangibility on him.

“You can kill Icarax, or should I say, me.”

Teridax then saw that Icarax was really Teridax, but had lost his memory. “Now I am the real Teridax.” Zantra just looked as the leader of the “Icarax” Brotherhood go into a painful death.

Teridax then turned into atoms while the Mask of Death was being used. Just as the atoms were in the air, Teridax unleashed electricity, and all the atoms were soon demolished.

“Teridax... Who are you?!”

“My name is Teridax. You will serve me, or die like myself here and now.” Teridax placed his hand on Zantra, and started to obtain his life-force so the Ignika could have life. “You shall call me Ignidax, the ruler of the Empire.”

Zantra had no choice; he had to serve Ignidax, or he would suffer like Teridax had. Ignidax then transformed into black and gold. Half of his body was still dark while his other half was gold. “Come, we have work to do.”

Somewhere in space, two entities, Pastika and Futuraka, watched the entire universe.

“It’s the year. The time has come to unleash the past.”

Pastika pointed his finger, but Futuraka stopped it. “No, Pastika. We need Presentra, Lord of the Present.”

Just as he said that, both Pastika and Futuraka saw Presentra in front of them. “He is right, Futuraka; the past is calling for me. We must unleash the past. We must let the war begin. We hold the future of the entire universe.”

Futuraka was going to speak a word when both Pastika and Presentra looked into the orb. Futuraka joined.

All three beings were in the forms of Toa. Presentra pulled out his massive double-bladed sword. Pastika used his hands to form axes from his arms. Futuraka, young and powerful, had his time staff, and all three beings then unleashed the power of the past. All three weapons were broke the orb.

“It has begun.”

The small orb shattered, and the glass pieces, containing past events, entered different universes.

“The task has begun. May the war being peace to us.”

As the present and the past celebrated with their accomplishment, Futuraka knew the future already. He didn’t want to say it to his friends, but the future contained only a horrible future for the Toa Spedoka. What have I done?

The Toa Spedoka had just been Toa for about two days, and they had already been in war. What kind of war? The Canister Wars. A mysterious Toa ally named Bara had been sent here with another teammate named Armordro from the past. Accidentally sent into another dimension, the two had ended up here, where Armordro had suddenly disappeared.

“So, Toa Spedoka, welcome to Odina, the land of the Dark Hunters, where we are heading into another battle.” Bara told them with enthusiasm.

“Uh, Toa 'Bara,' we are not from around here, and...” Lequ then saw, as did the others, a massive battle on the shore of the island.

“By the stars of Mata Nui!” Antrik witnessed Toa battling Dark Hunters, and saw Toa killing armed civilians.

“This is Xantra Magna, the land of the Bounty Hunters, calling themselves the 'New Dark Hunters.' The eight tribes want to win against the Hunters.” Bara then sent light from his face into the sky, and from there, a signal was sent to the far reaches of space.

On Zantra, Ignidax was staring at his newly formed empire with glory and desire. The land was being turned from a deserted land into a large imperial city. Barren cities turned back into glorious ones, while citizens were coming back from a portal within Zantra. As Ignidax watches the people come back, the mind of Teridax and the mind of the Ignika started to debate.

“Ignidax, a message from the city of Zecantra,” a soldier said. He handed over a tablet, which was imprinted with the word "destruction." "The city has been obliterated. It was destroyed by a meteor a few hours ago. Our team has been... Wait! What are you doing? Don’t do this!”

Ignidax killed the soldier using his mind powers. The soldier’s armor fell to the ground, and the body turned into sand.

Ignidax then made it to the former city. No survivors at all. No life. Only a mysterious piece of Protoglass was there...

Ignidax knew what was going to come. Summoning all his power, he entered into space, with his body turning into space dust. He saw the land called Zantra crumble. Explosions erupted from the land, while the cities that were still being rebuilt transformed into ruins. The people cried out into space as the Protoglass shattered. The people cried in pain, while they said to Ignidax for help, “Save us! Save us, Ignidax! You’re the key to our survival!” As they said those words, the entire planet began to turn into a volcanic land. Ignidax, seeing the death of so many, actually laughed, and watched the destruction and chaos as he waited for a chance to return.

Futuraka watched in horror at the destruction of the planet. Presentra and Pastika's faces were full wiith joy as they see the planet die. Futuraka had to do what must be done. He must kill his brothers, and most importantly, save everyone else.

As the planet began to cool down, Ignidax traveled down back to the former land Zantra. Surprisingly, only one survivor made it out alive. Zantra lost part of his armor, which was burned but also had only half of his Kanohi Olmak.

As Ignidax created a new body, he watched as Zantra came out of the rubble from buildings. “Ignidax! You will pay for what you have done to your people!” His body was crippled and he had trouble standing up.

“This isn’t my doing. This was someone who was more powerful. Here, give me your Olmak; I’m going on a trip.” As Ignidax approached Zantra, lava poured down onto Ignidax. Thinking he was safe from danger, Ignidax was wrong. His life powers had died out when he had used all of them to make it to space.

As lava fell onto Ignidax, Ignidax looked at his hands as he melted away. Taking off the Mask of Death, Ignidax threw it into the rubble as he watched the sky fill with ashes as his body die in lava. The body of Ignidax then vanishes in the lava pool.

It’s finished, then. I’m the only one left. Zantra then found a protosteel pole, and carefully got up. He began walking, hoping that there would be hope for any survivors.

The Toa Spedoka had already entered into battle. Swords and shields clashed, while masks flew in the air, and three elements, Stone, Sand, and Jungle, were being thrown at all other beings. Toa Bara and Toa Lequ had entered a cave, while Nahaka, Rekua, and Lenka kept the armies occupied. Zeska and Antrik were soon clashing their Toa tools with elemental tools. Just as everything was getting worse, everyone on the ground noticed the eclipse. As the eclipse set, everyone began to feel power.

“Toa Spedoka, retreat! Hurry get into this cave; I’ll cover you!” All the Toa made it into the cave.

“What’s going on?” Zeska asked Bara.

“It’s the time that Shadow begins to appear,” Bara said in a deep voice. Just as he turned around, the Toa were in a state of shock. Bara’s body had been infused with both Light and Shadow. Bara then said, “Toa Spedoka, if you become a being of shadow, you can’t control your alter-ego. Hmm. If you can’t control your own shadow, you will not only lose control but lose yourself.”

Stepping out of the cave, Bara sent a shadow bolt to the entrance of the cave. As the Toa saw the rubble covering the entrance, the Toa saw Bara’s face. His left eye had green, while his right eye had red. Now that the cave was sealed, Bara then tried to use light. The light was being overpowered by his shadow, and started to lose focus. Appearing from the dust, six figures, the six elite Shadrak, came and saw face to face with Bara.

“My name is Shadoua,” Shadoua said. Picking up his spiked mace, he then used his Earth powers on Bara. Rocks roared up into the air, and Shadoua, hidden within the rocks, attacked behind Bara, who landed down on his chest. Shata, a Shadrak of fire and shadow, had his massive spear and thrust it into the back of Bara. “Ahh!” Bara screamed.

Bara got up, and saw it had only gone through his armor. Shaga used her liquid blades on Bara, and had already scratched his mask. Shatek used his thin sword, and was sending Bara into the air, as Shaku sent his Crystal Blades toward the Toa. Shapo was the last one to fight Bara. As Bara landed straight on the ground, using his stone gauntlet, Bara had his armor cracked.

As the eclipse was ending, light began to reappear, and Bara saw every being was killed. Bara began to get up with Crystal blades on his back, while a spear was through his body. Bara then picked up his massive sword, and just as he was about to attack, the six Shadrak combined their powers together.

“What are you doing?” Bara felt his entire body going everywhere. He turned into just armor.

In the cave, Antrik was formulating a plan. The team had just walked into the cave, which was darker, but when they entered into a mysterious chamber, light had appeared. The Toa had begun to rest, and were waiting for Antrik’s plan.

As the Shadrak finished off Bara, the Shadrak began to reopen the entrance of the cave. The cave had a secret, which hadn’t been known until Bara died. The canister had been stolen!

Chapter 3: Revelation[]

Zantra had been crippled for the last four hours, and had found nothing.

Walking from distant cities to ruins, Zantra the body of Ignidax. Hidden under rubble, the Mask of Death, or Detheka, laid as ash fell from the sky. The voice of Teridax could be heard, but since he was trapped for eternity within the mask, he had no hope of getting out. “Hello... Ahh... Zantra...” Teridax was speaking when rubble came onto the mask. As Zantra came closer, he could feel his left leg being better and half of his Kanohi being repaired.

“Ignidax — or can I call you Teridax? — or shall I just destroy you?” Zantra wanted revenge for what happened to his people, but tried not to destroy Teridax.

“Help me, Zantra. I had heard that there are some survivors just north from here.”

Teridax then felt a sudden wave of air when Zantra picked him up. “Lies, Teridax! Those are lies!” As Zantra opened a portal with his newly formed Olmak, he opened a dimensional portal, which sent Teridax and himself into another dimension.

As the two passed through dimensional space, the Toa Spedoka noticed a portal within the cave. “Antrik, I think we found trouble,” Lenka said.

As the portal began to become bigger and bigger, Antrik then saw the entrance of the cave opening. “Lenka, we had already found trouble.”

Antrik armed himself, his weapon ready. As the six elite Shadrak appeared before the toa, the portal then was fully opened, and the two factions found a surprise.

As Bara, now dead, had entered a mysterious realm of spirits, he saw a mysterious barrier that had been built. Even though he was dead, he could still feel the ground he was walking on, and could also smell a horrible scent from the ground. Just as he walked past spirits, he saw a Kanohi up in the distance. Choosing either to see what the Kanohi was or to stay away, he heard a voice.

“Bara, my old pal,” The voice said in the sky.

“Who are you? Show yourself!”

As Bara tried to see who was speaking, the voice said, “Bara, it is I. Zantra. I’m coming, Bara, to the physical world, where I will be waiting. Why are you dead, Bara?” Zantra’s voice thundered as a bolt of electricity shot Bara.

“I’m dead because Shadrak defeated me!” Bara then felt pain, even though he was a spirit.

“Bara. You gave me life, and now I shall repay you. I see the future, Bara. You and I shall fight once again.”

Bara’s armor was still in the sands, as the Shadrak were opening the entrance of the cave. Bara’s Kanohi was reformed into the Kanohi Olmak in the shape of the Ignikam but red. As Bara began to glow, Shadoua and Shata saw Bara. “Go up ahead; I'll call for Armordro,” Shata told everyone else.

As Shata told everyone about Bara, the five who were in the cave then began to seal the entrance. Bara soon got closer as the entrance was almost sealed. As rocks piled up, Shata jumped in as the last of the rocks sealed up the cave. Shata then used his fire blade and used his fire powers to melt the rocks and seal the cave up.

“You may have escaped, but I am going to pursue you until the end. I’m no longer a Toa. I am Baradox.”

Zantra and the Kanohi Detheka, carrying Teridax, had made it to Xantra Magna. This is where all the events were going to take place. Baradox, Zantra, and the alternate Teridax had come, and were now going to be facing both a different species, and, most importantly, going to see what was inside the canister.

The news of the disappearance of the Toa Spedoka was going around Metru Nui like a virus. As the news spread to other islands, Mata Nui spoke to the Turaga, and the Turaga then summoned a Toa.

The Toa’s name was Hunaka. He was a Toa of Fire who carried a long axe, and had a Kanohi Mask of Night Vision. Hunaka was a legendary hero, but not like the Toa Nuva. No. He was a hero of pride and justice, and was also a warrior of peace.

As he was walking around on Xia, he saw a stream of light heading toward an island just east from where he was. Pulling out his massive sword, he then ran and threw the sword on the ground. Running, he jumped on the sword, and it became a skyboard.

The light then hits the island. As the light hits the island, Mata Nui then felt pain within his own body. He saw the light coming out of him. Using his hand, he tried to cover it up. He then saw a piece of Protoglass on him. Tempted to take it off, he did, as he takes it off, he saw the imprints on the glass piece.

Three days before death. As one day goes by, you can’t see anymore. As that day is done, you can’t hear anything. The next day you will not speak. As that day ends, you can’t seek help. The last day, you die from all three.

Mata Nui, wounded, started to feel dizzy, then sat down on the endless ocean. Hunaka, then saw the sky like he never seen it before. Flying toward the sky, he was out of the matoran universe.

As Mata Nui tried to heal his wound, he saw Hunaka, and pulled him in using his gravity powers. Just as he did that, Mata Nui telepathically talked to him. “Hunaka, I’m wounded. I need you to get the Toa Spedoka. I’m going to send you to Xantra Nui. Hurry, you only have three days.”

Hunaka was about to say something when Mata Nui used his gravity powers and pulled him into his chest. A portal opened as the chest opened, and Toa Hunaka was pulled in.

The universe rested in Hunaka’s hands, and if he succeeded, Mata Nui was safe. But if he wasn't healed before the three days were done, Mata Nui then would die.

Inside the cave, the canister had been covered by rocks and debris. The canister was covered from top to bottom, and webs were covering the entrance. The canister began to move, and also began to break. As the canister got bumps and marks, the being inside was beginning to lose her patience. The canister then broke open with fury and might. Mist came out of the canister and fogs the entire cave.

As she was coming out, massive hungry Barka frogs attack. She found out her power. The power was Judgment. Her eyes closed, concentrating; she then judged the frogs. The frogs then died by a massive sharp rock that fell. While she had her eyes closed, she then saw a Toa who was still alive, but was critically wounded. “Help me! Somebody please help me!” the Toa yelled.

She then saw the Toa. Using her hand, she lifted up the ruble and healed the Toa.

“Thank you, whoever you are. My name is Toa Runatu. I’m a Toa of Xantra Magna,” Runatu began.

“Hello, Runatu. My name is...”

The being’s name was Nataga. She didn't remember anything at all. The only thing she remembered was seeing two entities that pushed her into a canister and sealed it. As she began to think, the Toa of Fire felt his wounds healed, and felt puzzled.

“Hey, its been a long day. Come, I think I have Barata fruit in my home."

As Presentra looked into his orb, he then saw her. “It can’t be! I thought she was destroyed! How can this be?”

Presentra then called Pastika and told him everything. As Pastika heard that name, Pastika knew everything was ruined. Presentra looked into the orb. Seeing it, he saw every planet still alive. From dimension to dimension, Futuraka knew the futures of every dimension he entered. He remembers his comrade, named Dimentoa.

Closing his eyes, Futuraka remembered what had happened to Dimentoa. The multiverse was still young, and had built many dimensions. One of the Great Beings, Nataga, and her friends, Presentra, Futuraka, Pastika, and Dimentoa, were summoned by her. Nataga and Dimentoa were then sent to different universes to check if the universe was alright. Just then, Dimentoa saw a canister and Nataga went to check it. Futuraka then saw two mysterious figures, who grabbed the two. One of them pushed Nataga into the canister, while Dimentoa lost his powers. Trying to fight back, was attacked from behind and lost his arm. As Futuraka tried to save his comrade, he was too late; his body turned into a wave of energy and sent everyone toward a different universe.

Just as Futuraka was on Xantra Magna, a massive warrior appeared, whose armor was heavily armed with spikes, while his Kanohi mask was wrinkled and had small Matoran symbols. The being had a massive sword on one hand while he had a strange launcher on the other. This wasn’t a good day, as Futuraka thought. But even a being that could see the future can change everything.

Just off the west of Futuraka’s location, Toa Hunaka and Nataga appeared from a cave. As they appeared, Nataga, holding a large axe, said, “If this is going to be a battle, let’s make it once-in-a-lifetime battle.”

The ultimate battle was about to begin.

As the Toa Spedoka and the Shadrak saw the portal opening, the first thing both sides saw was a shield. As the shield became more visible, a face of a Toa appeared. As the Toa came out, he looked, as both sides started at him. As the Toa didn’t remember who he was, he sent a flare of fire at the Shadrak.

“Ah, more Toa. This is going to be more fun than just harassing the Gratru,” Shapo mocked. The Toa stared at him, and just as he was going to attack, he was attacked from behind.

“Toa Hunaka,” said Zantra, appearing from the shadows. “This isn’t your universe. This is part of Mata Nui, but has been attached to him by a asteroid. I know you, Shadrak. You murdered everyone, and you are Matoran inside. I know what you are.”

Shaga lost her temper. “I’m tired from all of these revelations!” Shaga pulled out a aqua axe and attacked Zantra. Zantra, holding the Detheka, then caused her to fall on the ground with her axe already on her arm.

As the axe was going deeper into her arm, she then tried to take it out, but instead she was pushed back toward a wall.

“Shaga!” Shadoua yelled. Running to see if she was alright, he looked into the eyes of death. He then looked at the mask.

As he was looking at the mask, Teridax spoke and said, “I am Detheka, the Mask of Death!” Teridax then shocked Zantra, and when that shock shocked Zantra, Teridax made his escape.

Hunaka then stepped up and stabbed the mask. The mask began to glow black, and when it was black, Futuraka appeared and yelled, “Get out of there! The place is going kill everyone!”

Futuraka teleported everyone except the Shadrak from the cave before Teridax died. Shadoua and the Shadrak had their own way of escaping. Appearing from behind, Armordro uses his massive armor and protects his comrades.

The blast from the cave then erupted, and an explosion was heard a few seconds later. The surviving Gratru celebrated as the Shadrak were finally killed. The Toa Spedoka, Futuraka, and Hunaka then went back into the cave. The remains of the Shadrak weren’t found, but the remains of Teridax were.

“Teridax died. He is now finally dead, for once. Now he can never return.” Futuraka said.

Somewhere in the Matoran Universe, Teridax died, but the Shadrak and Armordro weren’t dead. Instead, they had ended up on Feroka Nui. Mata Nui, becoming impatient, couldn’t teleport the Toa to Feroka Nui. The countdown before the end had begun.

Chapter 4: Pieces[]

Toa Antrik walked alongside Futuraka. Futuraka began to tell him what would happen if they didn’t find the canister, but as they walked, they saw a mysterious figure. As the figure came closer, Futuraka ran up toward the being he knew best.

“Nataga! I had been looking for you from every universe. I always hoped that you were still alive.” Futuraka hugged the being, only to find out, that he had a vision.

“I... I see... I see the universe shattered,” Futuraka whispered to himself.

The vision was horrible. In the vision, Mata Nui had fallen, not asleep, but had been infected with a virus. That virus caused Mata Nui to fall into a trance. In that trance, Mata Nui’s mind was somehow teleported to an orb, which was in the hands of Armordro.

As the vision ended, Nataga appeared, and said, “The time has come, Futuraka. We are to destroy our own brothers.”

Toa Hunaka was already better, and had told them the news when Mata Nui teleported them to Metru Nui.

“What is it, Mata Nui? Am I too late?” Hunaka questioned him.

“No, Hunaka. I’m healed, but the Shadrak have been teleported to an island which is deeper within the Matoran Universe. The exit of my heart,” Mata Nui said. “Even though I’m healed, my islands are going to shut down because of that island. The Shadrak are terrorizing the citizens, and that is where my life source is. Hurry, before the Matoran Universe begins to turn into pieces.”

The Kanohi Detheka was no longer a Kanohi. The Kanohi had transformed into particles, which Teridax was now.

As Teridax floated, he saw a trader, who knew where armor was stored. As Teridax came closer, the trader suddenly fell. Even though I’m not dead, I can cause death to others, Teridax said to the body. Entering the trader’s hut, he saw a mysterious staff.

“The staff of shadows. I remember that weapon. Now I need it for my own.”

Teridax kept looking, until he spotted a armor, which he remembered. This is my armor. How is it here in this hut? Didn’t Mata Nui wake up and destroy my base, or did I just get lucky? Teridax said to the armor. The armor was newly reformed, and was already imprinted with the name "Zek." Teridax didn’t care and took over the armor.

“Ah Zek. This will be a day in which new dictatorship will come,” Teridax said within the armor. As the body armor began to move, Teridax then grabbed the Staff of Shadows and blew the roof of the hut off. Teridax then shapeshifted into a member of Brutaka’s species.

Teridax soon changed his name into "Zeskuta."

Shaga was on the shores on Feroka Nui. She opened her eyes and saw the sky like she never saw it before. As she started to get up, her wounded arm was suddenly healed. “What... happened?” She said. As soon as she walked around the shores of the island, she saw in the sky a crack.

“If this isn’t Xantra Magna, then where am I?”

Soon, Shaga then saw a light pointing at her. The light soon illuminated her, and she was soon in a trance.

“My dear Shaga. I know who you are. You are both a Matoran and mutant. You are a Matoran destined to become a Toa.” The voice said in the trans.

“Who ever you are, you're not scaring me,” Shaga told the voice.

“Well then, if you won't believe me, lets see what would happen when I destroy your home,” the voice replied.

“I want to see you try,” she challenged.

In the trance, her eyes saw her original home, Xantra Magna, began to shake and began to crumble. The Toa Spedoka, Futuraka, Nataga, Hunaka, and Runatu felt the shaking.

“Hunaka! Runatu! I want you all to get all the villagers out of here. We have to leave. Mata Nui is preparing to remove this land from his body! Quickly, everyone. Let's move!” Antrik told everyone.

The villagers from all the villages knew that not everyone was going to make it. They were right.

Mata Nui’s hand was covering Ta-Magna, and killed almost everyone who was on it. As Mata Nui began to destroy the land, Baradox began to forge a Kanohi Olmak. Using the remains he found in the canister, he managed to create it. It’s now or never. If I don’t get out of here in time, I’m going to be fried. Placing the mask on his face, he opened a portal and as he entered in, an explosion erupted behind him and he flew into a location which would shatter his dreams forever.

Antrik and Lenka began searching an old lab in Xantra Magna. With only twelve minutes left before they would enter the endless ocean, they discovered armor. This wasn’t any armor; it was Exo-Armor. Summoning the Toa Spedoka, they suited up, and with wings on their backs, the six armed Toa flew to find Futuraka.

Futuraka and Nataga had departed from Xantra minutes after the two helped the villagers leave. In dimensional space, Futuraka and Nataga had their melee weapons ready. In front of them were two traitors.

“This is where your plan fails. Nataga, are you ready?” Futuraka whispered.

“This is where we fight for the iniverse. I was already ready to take them down.”

The two soon charged at them: Nataga and Futuraka vs. Presentra and Pastika. As their weapons clashed, dimensional space shattered. The weapons soon sparked a large power, greater than Mata Nui. Past, Present, Future, and Creation formed into a great cataclysm... that shattered.

Mata Nui looked into the sky and saw a comet. The comet was heading to Mata Nui, and with Mata Nui barely healing, he was going to end up burnt metal.

Zeskuta was still on Xantra Magna, and had also felt the shaking. As he began to move as fast as he could, he saw cracks on the ground. As the cracks began to crack even more, Mata Nui’s giant hand was seen.


Zeskuta was soon inside the enormous hand of Mata Nui, and was beginning to die. Rocks piled up on him while he shapeshifted.

As soon as that part hit the endless ocean, the rocks sank to the bottom of the sea, but also caused the rocks to crush parts of Zeskuta's armor. Landing straight on the water, back first, his armor was severely damaged, and he was just laying their in the water. As soon as his eyes opened, Mata Nui’s foot crushed Zeskuta.

In pain, Zeskuta managed to barely escape, with most of his armor torn apart from both Mata Nui and the rocks. Bodies of Xantran villagers laid in the water. Rocks landed while the bodies floated away, never to be seen again.

As the Toa Spedoka were in their Exo-Armor, they only had three minutes left before the rest of life landed in the water. As soon as they saw the endless ocean, all six Toa used their Exo-Armor wings and flew off. Hunaka also came along with his board. As all seven Toa left, Runatu stayed, and prepared himself to fall into the endless ocean. “Mata Nui. This is for you.”

The last piece of the asteroid landed in the endless ocean. As it was falling, Runatu ran with tremendous speed, and before impact, he jumped and ignited fire from his feet.

As the Toa of Fire flew, he ignited his hands and flew into the back of Mata Nui, hoping to find his people.

Chapter 5: The Land of Destruction[]

Armordro laid on Feroka Nui, with his own armor shattered. He remembered the old days, when he was friends with Order of Mata Nui member Axonn.

“Axonn, old pal. Think fast!”

Armordro threw Axonn’s own Protosteel Axe at him, until Axonn caught the Axe. “Don’t think I’m not armed, old friend.”

Axonn charged at Armordro, with his Axe ready. As soon as he was prepared to attack, Brutaka interfered. “Enough training, Axonn. I think he's ready to go on a mission,” Brutaka said to Axonn.

“That was some training, Armordro. I think you can do better,” Axonn told his friend.

“I have learned from the best. Two Order of Mata Nui members who trained me to become the best.”

“You're not the best yet. You still have one mission to complete,” Brutaka yawned.

“He's right. You have one mission to complete, and when you complete that mission, you’re a member of the Order of Mata Nui.”

Helryx appeared to the three. “Axonn. Brutaka. Armordro. All three of you are going on two missions. This is where you, Armordro, complete a mission by yourself.

“Axonn and Brutaka, meet me with all the other members at the meeting chamber,” Helryx whispered to the two in the ears. “As for you, Armordro, you are going on a special mission that will test your training.”

“What is it, then?” Armordro asked.

“Your going to Xantra Magna. It’s part of the Matoran Universe that suddenly appeared, and you are going to investigate. Here’s a Rahi fly, which you will use to send reports from there,” Helryx said.

As soon as he began to ask a question, a Botar-like being teleported him before he could say his question.

“There are no more questions, Armordro; it’s time to be on Xantra Magna,” said the being. As soon as a transportation portal opened, the being pushed Armordro and watched as he landed on the land of Xantra.

Shaga’s trance ended, with Shapo carrying her to a abandoned warehouse. “Shaga, wake up. It’s me Shapo.” Shapo whispered into her ear.

“What happen? Xantra Magna. I saw its destruction!” Shaga yelled to Shapo.

“I know. Not everyone made it. The canister is probably destroyed by now. Come, we have to find the others.” Shapo lifted her until she was standing.

Shadoua was standing between a bridge and a heavily armored door. Shadoua took a step. The bridge was old, and the earth being couldn’t remember what happened. The last thing he saw was a massive light that stunned him for a minute or two.

Shadoua walked across the bridge. He found Shata, but left him for dead, while Shaku was trapped between two rocks. The bridge began to crack as he kept walking. The sound of the cracking started to get louder and louder. As Shadoua turned around, a Rahi tiger was staring face to face to him. “This is going to be interesting,” Shadoua told the beast.

His spiked mace was already at hand while the beast looked at his prey. The tiger ran up to him like a speeding bolt of light. As the Eahi’s head was about to take the arm, Shadoua attacked back. Hitting the Rahi on the head, the beast fell to the ground, and the being of shadow and earth ran to the end of the bridge.

The bridge began to break. Seconds later, the bridge collapsed, with the Rahi dead. Shadoua took a step toward the edge when he turned around. Shatek pushed him.

“Whoops. My bad,” Shatek giggled as Shadoua hung on to a piece of rock.

“You’re a traitor to our society. Shatek. Redeem yourself by saving me,” Shadoua told him.

“You left Shata and Shaku left for dead. You’re the traitor of the society,” Shatek complained to him.

As the rock began to break, Shatek watched before Shadoua could die. But before Shadoua lost his grip, a Rahi bird appeared behind Shatek, knocking him over and falling to the ground below.

“You’re a fool, Shatek. Someone has to betray somebody.” Shadoua began to climb back up.

Shatek, however, managed to survive. Landing onto a pool of swamp water that contained a small amount of mutagenic water, Shatek grew two more arms, and his face turned to a warrior’s mask to a face with razor-sharp teeth.

Toa Runatu had made it to the Matoran Universe barely. His board had been destroyed when Xantra Magna fell. But Runatu has found a great discovery but one of the most mysterious.

Runatu’s eyes of a hero looked toward a wall encrypted with Matoran signs. As he looked feather, he noticed a small puzzle piece shaped in a Kanohi.

“Strange. A puzzle piece in the shape of a Kanohi that is missing. Well, that’s strange.” Runatu looked at the missing piece. Somehow, the puzzle piece was hidden underwater on Feroka Nui.

Why was it placed there? What was it’s purpose? Runatu then noticed six Toa statues. “Well, well. What do we have here?” Runatu gleamed. As the Toa of Fire got a look closer, the Toa resembled the Toa Spedoka.

“I think destiny and timing has to do with this one.” Runatu then heard a door being shattered open. Running with his axe ready, he sees the door was ripped open. Scratch marks were on the door, while the marks on the stone walls were imprinted with scratches. He pushed the door open, which was one of the last things he would ever do.

Shata woke up with his arms on his back. When he turned around to see how he was tied, he saw a massive being with a Thornax Launcher, while he had a strange bladed tool. “Now this is what I call a capture,” the being said.

“Whoever you are, you're not going to get away with this,” Shata told him.

“Don’t worry. You're not alone. If you don’t remember my voice, you’re a fool. My name is Baradox.” Replied the massive being.

“Baradox. Hey, you're Bara, aren’t you?” Shata asked Baradox.

“I used to be Bara until you destroyed my body. But something gave me life.”

“Who ‘gave’ you life anyway?” Shata grumbled.

“He goes by the name Zantra.” Baradox threw a piece of rock at Shata’s face. “I had also captured three of your friends: Shapo, Shaku, Shaga, and now you.” Baradox told his prisoner.

Zeskuta laid in the waters of the endless ocean. His armor was shattered from mask to torso. His mask was cracked from the inside out while his two arms were badly broken.

As soon as his eyes opened, he couldn’t move his head while his legs were trapped under large amounts rock. As soon as he saw light within the sky, he began formulating a plan to return back to his universe.

Hunaka was battling Armordro. Armordro’s armor was twisted in spikes while his face was covered with rings and a faceplate. As the two beings were battling, Armordro’s eyes were different. On one eye, it was red while the other eye was green.

“Hunaka. Where is the chamber?”

“Chamber?” Hunaka questioned by surprise, “The chamber isn’t here. I’m here looking for something else.”

Armordro then threw the Toa on the ground when, Baradox appeared from behind the two.



The two said each other's name and looked eye to eye at each other. Hunaka was getting up when he pressed a secret button. The button then lowered a wall and trapped himself to what waited before him.

A massive explosion erupted between Armordro and Baradox. The two clashed like thunder and lightning, and caused a lot of damage to Feroka Nui. Just outside, a mutated Shatek began to walk. “I will have revenge. Your time of Leadership has come to an end.” Shatek muttered.

Shatek grew wings and flew up in the skies of darkness hoping to find Shadoua and turned his ally into a mutant like him.

Shadoua had other plans. Leaving his teammates for himself, he entered into a fallen temple hidden within the ground.

“Matoran. Please. I’m a Shadrak, not a Matoran,” Shadoua started to a Rahi rat. As he entered into the broken temple, he saw Toa armor, and saw a inscription on the armor. “What is ‘the dimension were darkness was born?’ And what is ‘the land of darkness and fear?’” Shadoua questioned. Just as he began to looked deeper within the armor, a glow of a lightstone shone red.

“By my own spirit! I’m in another dimension.” Shadoua said.

Shadoua was wrong. The lightstone shot his eyes, and he began to hallucinate. He began to see what would happen in the future. “My own eyes can’t take this no longer. I want to leave!” Shadoua exclaimed.

The eyes of Shadoua as he saw it: The universe turning from planets into one whole massive planet. The Glatorian and the Agori fought over other species for food, land, and resources. Matoran and Toa faced creatures they didn’t even see. Also, the face of Mata Nui was scared, but also, Mata Nui had been killed.

Shadoua blinked and the vision ended. Standing in front of him was a being named Mutoka.

“Hello, friend. My name is Mutoka, and you are here with five others, are you not?” Mutoka began.

“How did you know?” Shadoua asked in reply.

“Five of them have joined me in my quest to enter different dimensions and steal ancient artifacts, some of which have been destroyed in this dimension. So, are you in or are you out?” Mutoka questioned Shadoua.

“Depends. What type of artifacts are their to steal?” Shadoua said to the mutated warrior.

“An artifact called the Nui Stone. Its power is great. We can assemble an army from different dimensions. The Nui Stone’s power controls Toa. We can use this as an opportunity to control the Matoran Universe from different dimensions. And also, there is a powerful spear called the Spear of Fusion. It’s destroyed in this universe, but in other dimensions, there can be a spear that’s not destroyed. Add the Spear of Fusion with the Kanohi Olmak and Nui Stone, and you will have a massive army of Toa.” The warrior pointed out with his spear.

“So the plan is to make an army and conquer the entire universe, but in different dimensions. Sounds difficult but an army of Toa fighting for power with us? I’m in.” Shadoua told Mutoka.

“Good. Then we are departing now.” Mutoka said to his new comrade. Taking out a stolen Olmak he took from another dimension, opened a portal.

As the two departed, a Toa named Golta had his sword ready. As he saw the portal beginning to close, he then signaled the Toa Spedoka. “The time has come. We are going to finish off with a new journey, Toa. Let us enter into the unknown,” Golta said to the others. Using his Mask of Regeneration, the portal reopened before it closed, and all the Toa Spedoka and Golta entered, hoping not to be part of the evil plan.

Mata Nui looked at Zeskuta as he began to depart. As Zeskuta saw him leaving, a portal opened from the bottom of the ocean and Zeskuta fell in. Mata Nui vowed to never see that creature again.

Zeskuta landed in another dimension. The dimension? A dimension where the legend was going to begin. A dimension where the future Toa team who saved Mata Nui were just about to go into a stasis. Zeskuta then saw as the six Toa entered the canisters, waiting for a signal to re-awaken Mata Nui.

“My plan is now in full operation,” Zeskuta said.

Just then, the blade of an axe penetrated Zeskuta's armor. As the axe went deeper into the armor, Zeskuta turned around to see Hunaka aiming his Zamor sphere launcher in front of his face and said, “You plan has failed, Zeskuta.”

Firing the Zamor sphere, the sphere hit the face of Zeskuta and turned his face green. “What... What is this?!” exclaimed the brutal being.

“Runatu and I opened the portal using a dimensional spear, where we tried to make it in Mata Nui, but we were too late. You entered by us, and we set a trap for you. That sphere I fired will kill you in three seconds,” The Toa of Fire told his dying friend.

As three seconds were up, Zeskuta’s armor shattered and Teridax, who named himself Zeskuta, evaporated. “I will be back. You Toa know it too,” Teridax said before going away for good.

As the Toa saw the canister departing, Hunaka said to Runatu, “He will be back, stronger than ever, and will be part of a war between all the universes. Let’s hope he fights for the light."

To be continued in BIONICLE Legacy II: Birth of Evil...