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Larhii Nui
The ocean of Spherus magna.
8,000 square kio
Matoran, Toa, Agori, Glatorian
Lar-Hee New-Ee

"It's almost like out Island Paradise, but it could possibly be even better."

-A matoran attempting to describe Larhii Nui


There is not much history involving Larhii Nui other than shortly after Spherus Magna was put back together an island rose up from the surface of the Ocean of Spherus Magna, and the inhabbitants built a bridge to it called the Bridge of Lar. Shorly after buildings were built and a stadium for racing Vehicles. Most vehicles were Air Jet Sleds


Half of the island is natural while half it urbanized. The power plant that powers the three cities is almost as big as the volcanoe, Mount Larhii. Mount Larhii is believed to be the reason of the rise of the island. The Air Jet Sled race track is right next to the power plant, as it requires tones of power. The natural area is made up of trees, Mount larhii, and the mountain range. There are many AJS highways one of which passes over the poorer part of Lera Metru, the house of both the power plant, and the race track. the other two metru are Techt Metru, the home of V. Tech (Vehicular Technology) who created the AJS, and Intra Metru. The natural area has 3 koro. Mera Koro, Torth Koro, and Intra Koro.

Lera metru it the home of all the Toa Larhii.


The four Toa Larhii are the protectectors consisting of a Toa of Magnetism, a Toa of Plantlife, a Toa of Plasma, and a Toa of Water. Their names are Zalith, Rozat, Tizar, and Ornoat. The Larhii Nui Guard also protects it.


  • Matoran and Agori made the word "Larhii" meaning Island


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