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"The best friend a Matoran can have."
Turaga's Attendant
Alive, on Dromii

Lailai is one of the First Matoran. All her life she has worked as a Turaga's Attendant. She is very protective but nice at nature.


Long ago, Mata Nui created Kaukau along with the other First Matoran and placed him on Dromii to live there. However, Dromii started to sink and Mata Nui made Hangi a Toa to rescue them to Manuin. Lailai was one of the Matoran to be evacuated. She too, experienced the storm which was caused by the creation of Manuin, with the others. Finally they found Manuin where they found the Canyon of the Great Spirit and Hangi became a Turaga.

Hangi made Lailai his attendant and a messenger. Everytime Hangi had something important to say to a Matoran, he sent Lailai to deliver the message. Lailai also helped Hangi in a lot of things. Lailai became best friends with Ilona and Kaukau, although she didn't have a lot of time to spend with them.

During the dangers made by Makaatu on the village, Lailai helped Hangi in helping the Matoran and keeping them safe. However, when Makaatu made his final strike and captured the Matoran in Matoran Pods, Lailai too was captured and taken away.

Her pod was rescued by the First Toa and she was awakened with the rest in the Hangi Canyon. She had forgotten everything of the past, which made the new Turaga (previously the First Toa) upset. Ilona was really upset, since she and Lailai had been dear friends previously. Ilona continued to keep Lailai as an attendant and she continued her job, helping the new Turaga and delivering messages.

When the Great Flood came, Lailai escorted the Turaga in the Tunara Shopping Center. After the flood, Mata Nui gave the Matoran eleven assignments. Lailai assisted the others with these assignments the best she could, especially she helped the Turaga. When the migration back to Dromii began, Lailai stood by her Turaga's side all while. Lailai later witnessed the rise of Dromii and went back to live there with the others.

Currently Lailai still works as the attendant and the messenger. However, since the life is peaceful now, she has got lots of spare time too, which she usually spends with Kaukau.

Abilities and Traits[]

Lailai is friendly and kind towards her friends but her protective nature makes him perhaps a little rude to strangers.

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