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Species Meran
Colors White
Element Ice
Occupation Githon Knight
Tools Ice Dagger, Tazer Pistol
Location Ullar
Status Alive
Pronunnciation Kee-thon"

Kython is a knight for the northern empire called Hython. Born in the country of Githon, he's loyal to the current emperor, Sardon, as well as a civil rights activist before being drafted into the elite Regiment of the Githon Knights, a company serving inside the empire's Special Forces, where he commands his own suburban commando unit.


Kython was heavily interested in the Hython Military ever since a squad of four commandoes saved his home town from invasion by the Dark Horde of Seethlorn - containing more than two hundred savage and wild soldiers of the shadowlands to the west - when he was a child. But he was never convinced that he was strong or smart enough to join even the rank-and-file corps. When he saved the life of the emperor's daughter's fiance, though, the emperor demanded he be taken into training and evaluated. After six months, Kython took the evaluation and was placed in command of a rookie suburban commando unit.

Powers and Abilities[]

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