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Kualsi Nuva
Kualsi Nuva
Allows user and others of choice to instantly teleport to anywhere they can see
Kimack (Allegedly)

Kanohi Kualsi Nuva is the enhanced version of a Great Kualsi.


The Kualsi Nuva enhances the user's eyesight, allowing one to teleport themselves even further. Those near the user can also access its power, though it is best they "follow the leader" to ensure that none scatter themselves with it. If a group has to split apart, the bearer should allow the rest to teleport first, to ensure that they get to their proper destinations.

Means of telepathic communication and/or visual enhancement-such as with a Kanohi Suletu or an Akaku Nuva- could theoretically enhance coordination between the bearer and their team. There have been rumors that the Mask could allow one to teleport to any place from their memories, though this has yet to be proven.


Although no official record of a Kualsi Nuva exists, there have been rumors of one among Mask Makers. A popular legend in Metru Nui tells of a Toa Team that possessed such a Mask during the Toa/Dark Hunter War. These individuals-the Toa Rodok- would use it to infiltrate Dark Hunter bases and orchestrate complex ambushes. The tales claim that they would eventually be lured into a trap by a high ranking Hunter, who managed to damage the Mask in the process. Their Toa of Fire-Kimack- attempted to use it with his teammates to escape to an old hideout of theirs, and they vanished from the cage. The legend never states if they ever made it to their destination, let alone survive the attempt.

Outside of the folklore, it is believed that Artakha managed to successfully create a Kualsi Nuva in his experiments. As of today, however, neither sources have been proven to be true.

Example Usage[]

The Toa Rodok were said to have used this to track and spy on Dark Hunter patrols.

Rumored Users[]

  • The Toa Rodok
    • Kimack, Toa Rodok of Fire


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