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Great Beings (Formerly)
Phobias Crystal Blades

Krugor (formerly known as Aparsul) is a Great Being that conducted cruel and inhumane experiments using a mineral known as Phobias Crystals, and eventually merged with them to become a creature that spread Fear with his very presence.


Early Years[]

The entity known as Krugor was once a Great Being named Aparsul, and participated in many of his brothers and sisters' experiments on the inhabitants of Spherus Magna, with particular focus on psychology. Exploring the depths of the White Quartz Mountains, Aparsul discovered a mineral that he would later dub the "Phobias Crystals," which inflicted severe psychological turmoil on those in close proximity. Due to his differing biology as a Great Being, Aparsul believed himself to be immune to the effects of the Crystals, but unbeknownst to him was actually slowly driven insane as he studied them.

Exposure to the Crystals steadily drove Aparsul insane with obsession over how the mind develops and manifests fear, leading him to conduct very cruel experiments on various people that resulted in madness and deformity. Not only was his mind warped, but his body was slowly mutated as well, turning him into a monstrosity with the Crystals growing out of his very own body. Aparsul had kept himself busy with his experiments as the Core War had raged, preventing him from directly involving himself in the Great Beings' attempts to solve the crisis. When they finally found him, they found their brother turned into a partly-crystalline monster. The Phobias Crystals embedded in Aparsul expelled an aura of fear that affected the Great Beings that found him, causing them to not only abandon Aparsul, but their effected judgment led to them influencing the decision to create the Baterra in an attempt to end the Core War.

The heavily mutated Aparsul was contained in one of the Great Beings' labs, occasionally consulted for help in designing and constructing the Great Spirit Robot. Aparsul's depraved experiments on the mind taught him the knowledge to help design the Core Processor on Metru Nui, and implement the design on a smaller scale by helping to create the brainstalks that would house the consciousness and sentience of the Matoran species. While the designs were considered unnecessary due to the Matoran's purpose of simple maintenance of the Great Spirit Robot, the Great Being that would later be known as Velika successfully convinced their fellow creators to include them anyways, with intentions to exploit this in the future.

Aparsul later escaped his confinement and hastily retreated to the White Quartz Mountains where he first found the Phobias Crystals as the Core War raged around him and the Great Spirit Robot was nearing its completion. His trek to the Mountains caused major panic and strife amongst the Agori and Glatorian he passed, worsening the conflicts due to the fear spread by the Crystals growing out of his body. Due to the Great Beings' reclusive natures, Aparsul was many people's first glimpse of a Great Being in such a long while, causing no shortage of shattered faith and resentment at the sight of the murderous, maddened monster. Arriving at the Mountains and entering the underground, Aparsul collapsed amongst the Crystals that had heavily changed him and was seemingly crushed to death when quakes from the Shattering caused a massive cave-in.

Bara Magna[]

After the Shattering and the disappearances of the Great Beings, the site of Aparsul's last known sighting and where he had found the Phobias Crystals have become a place of major superstition. Several people that pass through that area feel an almost overwhelming sense of terror or become mad for unknown reasons. Those who had survived Aparsul's journey to his apparent death recall seeing him trekking across the lands to spread chaos and fright, causing word-of-mouth to spread about the Feared Great Being and his supposed haunted gravesite. Aparsul's name eventually became lost to time and inaccurate retellings of retellings, devolving his name from Aparsul, to Asar, to Kupars, to finally Krugor.

A group of Sisters of the Skrall at one point ventured through the site on the way to an errand, generally immune to the supposed effects of the place due to their own psionic abilities. One Sister spotted a small crystal growing out of the ground and took it as a small souvenir, believing it harmless. Later, however, the Sister was suddenly possessed by a malevolent spirit and was almost deformed by crystalline growths from her body as she ranted and raved about being freed. The Sisters were able to exorcise the spirit, but were shaken by the incident, warning their fellow Sisters of the crystals growing in the area under the White Quartz Mountains.

The Sisters then took various precautions to quarantine the area so that the malevolent entity haunting it could not go free.

The Restoration[]

After Mata Nui restored Spherus Magna and the source of the Sisters' power, Annona, left the planet, the Sisters' powers significantly diminished, and with it the contingencies they placed around the area under the White Quartz Mountains. More and more Crystals grew from the soil, and while they have yet to do anything truly dangerous, those who managed to survive a journey near that place began noticing that the Crystals were beginning to form a large humanoid shape.

At some point, a group of Beasts prophesied to a former bounty hunter named Beacon the return of the Feared Great Being, and how Beacon would steal from him a dagger carved out of the Phobias Crystals and imprison him again.

Abilities and traits[]

As a Great Being, Aparsul like his brothers and sisters had an unquenchable desire to create. In his case, he had a fiery curiosity about the mind. His curiosity was intensified into maddening obsession when exposed to the Phobias Crystals, driving him to conduct horrible experiments with little regard for the pain of others. Aparsul was thus driven utterly insane and obsessed with fear in the mind. As Krugor, anything resembling Aparsul was no longer there, only a malevolent abomination that wished to observe what terror could do under various circumstances.

Imbued with Phobias Crystals in his body, Krugor had shown the ability to spread his consciousness across the mineral and worm his way into the minds of even the most experienced of telepaths. He was also able to manipulate the emotions and sanity of those in his immediate vicinity, making him come across as though a living embodiment of fear itself.


  • Krugor was initially inspired by Scarecrow from the Batman: Arkham series and Freddy Krueger, hence the name and the clawed hand. However, a rewrite and revamp of the character draws further inspiration from Lucifer from Supernatural, Slender Man, Diamondhead from Ben 10, and the depiction of Kryptonite from My Adventures With Superman.
  • Aparsul's original name was Apollo, after the Greek god due to BionicleChicken originally naming various Great Beings in his original storylines after the Greek pantheon.