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"A few weeks ago, aproxximately one and a half month we asked you all to participate in Killcount, a game of strength. In a few weeks, the teammate of Mersery, Skorr, betrayed his team, and got working for us. We have also recruited two beings who did not want to participate, Kawa and Iruka, as other beings siding with us, and thus, with the Baterra. Now, you should watch them also, though it is not needed to kill them. The Baterra also still have something we kept a secret, the Wall of Creation. With this machinery, they can create thousands of more Baterra. Your new objective to win is to stop the wall. We recommend you work with other people than you did. Even if they are you enemies, tehy can be of great help. You have one day to form teams, and get used to each other. You will be left alone now."
―Kroz to the Killcount competitors [src]
Great Being
Essence morphing, absorbing
Growing Claws, Growing Fists

Kroz was a Great Being, and one of the inventors of Killcount. He once had saved three Glatorian from Baterra.


Kroz once ruled the planet of Spherus Magna with his fellow Great Beings. When the Core War erupted, the Great Beings created the Baterra. Kroz, the inventor of the original idea, however, knew nothing about its power and strenght. When he witnessed an attempt to kill two Glatorian, he saved them, gaining their thrust and friendship. After migrating to a place unknown, the Great Beings created the City of the Great Beings Pocket Dimension, in the hope of gaining a new 'paradise' to live on. However, again without Kroz knowing, the Great Beings created the Protectoron Baterra. When these rebelled, Kroz was one of the inventors of the game Killcount, in which they had to kill every Baterra in the city.

Abilities and Traits[]

Kroz, as all Great Beings, had a talent and passion for inventing. He was very curious about behaviour, and even more about phisics, so he often send spies to discover more about how people react in certain situations, which he sometimes even created. When in the City of the Great Beings Pocket Dimension, he, with all his fellow Great Beings, changed their bodies in pure essence. Kroz`s essence was black and red, telling he was a curious, and noble Great Being, which had many friends. He could, in this form, change his body to several forms. The one he is most seen in is a monstrous, spider-like creature. He also has the ability to sprout claws or big hands, his usual tools.



  • As all Great Beings in VNT`s storylines, he is not existing in other universes under the same name. He has got alternate counterparts, though they are all different named.
  • Since he has no alternate counterparts, all FttD`s he appears in are just non-canon to him, instead of the mainly used alternate versions.