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"Don't worry, I'll remember"

The Kanohi Kromi is the Mask of Memory. It enables the user to remember anything he/she has forgotten from his past experiences and events. For example, when using the mask you could remember any of your experiences since birth.

The mask does not give an image of the event and it does not allow the user to learn anything.

The Great version of the mask is also able to alter one's memories, like making someone forget something, or remember something they did not experience.

The Noble version of the mask has the same power, but can be used to remember things from a shorter period and can't be used to alter other's memories.

Example Usage[]



  • Hangi - (Formerly) Transformed into a noble version when he transformed into a Turaga
  • Zalayon - (Formerly) Lost when he got killed
  • Henkka (Briefly, for one purpose only)
  • Pyreth- he still has it



Picture  Description
Zalayon A normal Kromi
Kromi Hangi's noble Kromi, shaped like a Komau. Also the first version of a Kromi ever to be in excistence (the original version).


  • The mask doesn't affect the user's memory. The user can remember things without using the powers of the mask and after using it, the bearer forgets everything that he remembered through the mask.
  • Hangi's version of the mask is shaped like a noble Komau
  • Pyreths version looks like the mask of regeneration
  • Pyreth used his to alter Altros's memory

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