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The Kanohi Krazek is the Mask of Destruction.

Mask of Destruction


Kamor468 Timeline[]

The Kanohi Krazek was formed when Teridax was blasted by the Spear of Cloning and was cloned. Since the Kanohi Kraakahn could not be cloned the Kanohi Krazek was formed from the Kraakahn, instead. The Krazek was on Tradex's face when it was born and Tradex has been the only being to wear it since.

Great Culling Alternate Universe[]

20170629 175023

Makuta Traadox wearing his Great Kanohi Krazek.

In an alternate universe, a Great Kanohi Krazek was worn by one of the Makuta who refused to side with Teridax when he usurped control of the Brotherhood. These Makuta were all slain, and their masks were placed in the Convocation Chamber as a warning. Some of these masks, however, were then passed on to four Makuta; The Kanohi Kruuduu to Aerther, the Kanohi Sonux to Baelox, the Kanohi Valtaan to Bolas, and the Kanohi Krazek to Traadox.

Traadox was well aware of the devastating power the Krazek held, and only used its power when he felt it to be absolutely necessary.


  • Makuta Tradex
  • Makuta Traadox


  • The Krazek directly feeds off the user's life-force to perform acts of destruction upon materials comparable to the amount of life-force given. These acts include, at lower levels corrosion (burning the surface of material), erosion (wearing away of materials like organic tissue and metal, such as by rusting away), vaporization (converting liquid materials to gas), and at higher levels sublimation (converting solid material to gas), flammation (burning the material away) disintegration (causing a material to break down into smaller elements that quickly disperse), and detonation (causing the material to explode). This effect is stronger on inanimate objects, and slightly weaker on living beings, though with sufficient life-force and focus, a person could theoretically instantly destroy someone.
  • Initially, the bearer of the Kanohi feels no ill effects from using it. However, as more and more life-force is drained, the bearer begins to suffer adverse effects similar to those the Krazek inflicts on others. In theory, using too much life-force would cause the bearer to be completely destroyed.
  • The Krazek of the Kamor468 Timeline also has some limited Shadow Element powers, as it was created from the Mask of Shadows.


  • In the Kamor468 Timeline, only Makuta Tradex can use it. If others try to don the Kanohi they will be killed immediately because Tradex is the destined user.
  • Because of the nature of its power, the Kanohi Krazek is considered immoral by Toa.