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Squalo, a Kranite


Kranites are a rare Toa-like species found on Aqua Magna and inside the Mata Nui robot. They were an early prototype of the Toa. As already know when Av-Matoran died they would transform into Bohrok. However, some early Av-Matoran, if destined, would transform into a new, more sapient species known as the Kranite, whose job would be equivalent to that of the Toa.

This idea for the protectors of Matoran was soon scrapped, as the idea of Toa gained more popularity among the Great Beings. However a few Av-Matoran, were still destined to turn into this strange species, thus why they are still around(in rare numbers)

The few that exist tend to live with each other small different clans/tribes. Tribes don't necessarily have to have a certain color scheme, but some do. All Kranites have Krana, which are a power source. A Krana will give the Kranite powers, (For example a Krana Za will give the user the power of telepathy). The Krana will also make the Kranite stronger and faster, as well as give them more energy. Thus many Kranites collect Krana to make themselves or their clan stronger. Kranites are the only species in which the Krana is not parasitic. Some Kranite clan members put Krana on other species to make them their slaves, however this is generally seen as immoral among the Kranite community. Although Kranites wear Krana, they don't answer to any Bahrag, because when a Kranite puts on a krana, the krana's mental interference is disabled and it acts just like a Kanohi.

Some Kranites gained a distaste for Toa when they learned of how the Toa Mata attacked the Bohrok and imprisoned the Bahrag. In their eyes, the Matoran, Turaga, and Toa of Mata Nui shouldn't have been there and the Bohrok were just doing their job.

Powers and Abilities[]

Kranites do not posses any elemental powers whatsoever, the majority of their abilities come from the Krana or Kanohi they collect. However some Kranites have been known to have additional abilities, like Skakdi (for example, Squalo can shrink while retaining his strength).
Krana Transporter

A Worker class Kranite-the Krana Transporter

Known Kranites[]

  • Squalo
  • Zyrnox
  • Krana Transporters
  • Kova
  • Boulz
  • Scream
  • Kraanite Elite
  • The Brotherhood of Krana


  • Kranites were originally created to have the duty of the Toa, however they were later discarded in favor of the Toa
  • Kranites could wear krana without falling victim to their parasitic traits
  • Most Kranites are nomadic, but have a central home and small bases all around the jungle
  • Kranites are a species created by Red Goalie I
  • In January 2012 RedGoalieI held a contest to make Kranites