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Leader of Toa (along with Tahu)
Double-Sided Lightblade

Kralisk is a Toa of Light (and Shadow) and is the main hero of Tale of a Twilight Toa.


Kralisk was one of the first Av-Matoran in the universe. He was placed in Karda Nui and given the Lightblade. When the Makuta invaded many years later and corrupted all of the Matoran in his village, he vowed to defeat the Makuta. He used the Lightblade to defend the other Matoran, and when the Toa Nuva came and freed the other Matoran, he went to Metru Nui. He found another Lightblade here, and attached it to his other Lighhtblade.

Teridax's Reign/Toa[]

When Teridax took over Mata Nui's body, Kralisk found a Toa Stone and was tranformed into a Toa. Kralisk was one of the generals in the war against Teridax, and he was the one who forced him out of Mata Nui's body. After the celebration, Kralisk walked away and was attacked by Zerix's Shadow Leech.

Great Quest[]

One of the Toa killed the leech and brought Kralisk to Nokama, where she explained the situation. Kralisk then went off to Xia, where Zerix was hiding. On the airship, Kralisk heard the voice of his shadow side in his mind, and when he landed, Kralisk's shadow side took over his body. Kralisk then discovered where Zerix was, also reverting back to his light form. He chased Zerix on a Biocycle, which accidentally landed on Destral. While there, he destroyed an Exo-Toa and got stuck inside a magic mirror created by Zerix, where he fought his dark side, finally gaining control over it. Kralisk then followed Zerix to Terox, the Makuta burial ground, where Zerix absorbed all of the Makuta to be able to use the Mask of Infinity. However, it was still too much for Zerix, and all of the Makuta's armor (besides Zerix's armor) and Zerix's antidermis was destroyed. Kralisk then crushed the mask, which also destroyed his dark side forever.

The Rise of Chaos[]

Kralisk later met Kleyos, and they formed a team, defending Metru and Gyros Nui. Chaos later arrived, creating Kamas clones, corrupting Matoran, and possessing Zerix's armor. They eventually freed the Matoran and battled Chaos in his true form, destroying him.

Final Battle[]

Teridax soon returned, and began gathering keystones for an unknown reason. Kralisk was sent to investigate this, and discovered that Teridax was planning to free Shadowmaster.

Abilities and Traits[]

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