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Kraahkan (The Maker)


In another dimension; when the Kanohi Kraahkan was reduced to atoms and scattered across the entire Universe by Makuta Gorast and Vamprah, the Mask of Shadows created a completely new body for itself out of a pool of Protodermis by pulling its shadow essence, which was mixed with a pool of protodermis, together.

Kraahkan, as he was called, led a battle that split his entire world into Shadow and Light. On the verge of losing the war to Takanuva and the Light Forces Kraahkan ran to a secret cave, where he spotted a cracked, but still working, Kanohi Olmak. Takanuva arrived on his Twilight and challenged him to the death. Knowing that he would lose, Kraahkan picked up the Olmak, opening up a portal to another dimension. He fired two Shadow Leeches at Takanuva who destroyed and caught the other, and stepped through. Just as the portal was about to close, Takanuva, on his Twilight, sped into it and another dimension.

He is currently in the Matoran Universe trying to evade Takanuva.

In the Ryta realm he works along side Ihui. He wants to hunt down these Universe Masters so he can increase his power.

Abilities and Traits[]

Kraahkan possesses very powerful Elemental Shadow powers. He can see anger, fear and darkness anywhere, and in anyone and is able to control it. His fusion with a pool of Protodermis means he now has control over all Protodermis; Liquid, Solid, Energized, Molten, Crystalline, Protosteel alike.

He made himself a male, because of his past two hosts, Makuta Teradix and Icarax.

Masks and Weapons[]

Kraahkan's Great Mask of Shadows is moulded to his face. It cannot be taken off like conventional Kanohi. Therefore his elemental powers do not lie in his 'mask' like most others, but in his shadow essence itself. Kraahkan can never be killed, but merely subdued in a non-protodermis container.

Staff of Shadows[]

Double-Staff of Shadows

The Staff of Shadows is a very powerful weapon made from Kraahkans Shadow Essence and Pure Protodermis. It is used by him to channel his Elemental Shadow and Protodermis Powers.

Shadow Axe-Swords[]

Shadow Axe-Swords

Another form of the Staff of Shadows Kraahkan has used before is two Shadow Axe-Swords, made by splitting the Staff of Shadows in half. This is mainly used by Kraahkan in the midst of battle, when he is using both his Elemental Shadow and Protodermis Powers at the same time.

Shadow Leech Claw[]

Shadow Leech Claw

Kraahkan also uses his Elemental Shadow Powers to create and fire Shadow Leeches from his Shadow Leech Claw. Upon contact, these Shadow Leeches infect the victim with a special Shadow Virus that slowly sucks away the beings Elemental powers and replaces them with Shadow. This is how Kraahkan built such a large Shadow Empire/Army and split his entire world into two.


  • Birth of Evil