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Kanohi Kraahkan with glowing eyes
Creating Shadow, Kraata powers, seeing the darkness within
Teridax, Icarax (formerly), Teridax (Melding)
"Most think it allows me to spread physical darkness, or breed a little rage here and there, but it's much more than that. My Kanohi lets me see the darkness inside everyone, all the nasty little things they hide in the shadows of their spirit."
Makuta Teridax

The Kanohi Kraakhan was Makuta's signature mask in the Matoran Universe. It affords its bearer Elemental Shadow capacities.


Originally designed by the Great Beings, the Kanohi Kraahkan was crafted by Artahka and paired with the Kanohi Avohkii, its diametrically opposite counterpart. Designed as a contingency for any event in which the Avohkii-wearer went rogue, the Kraahkan was directly intended to nullify the Mask of Light's powers and restore elemental balance to the world. As such, it was gifted to Makuta Teridax, one of the most upstanding and morally righteous figures in the early Matoran Universe.

Principally, the Kraahkan was intended as a means of counteracting the Av-Matoran population, should they ever rebel against the agency of Mata Nui. With a high propensity for becoming Toa, the Av-Matoran represented the potential for hostility. The Kraahkan was thus able to grant elemental Shadow powers to its bearer, regardless of their pre-existing elemental persuasion.

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The Great Kraahkan afforded its user a wide variety of powers. In addition to granting it's user full control of the Shadow element as well as defending itself with these powers, users are also granted the ability to sense some negative emotions of targets. The Great Kanohi is capable of sensing primarily Anger and Fear, but others such as grief and confusion can be sensed to a lesser degree. In this sense it functions not unlike a Virakan, although it doesn't hold nearly the same mastery or the ability to manipulate such emotion. Still wearers are able to incite feelings of aggression or exploit the weight of targets' own inner anxieties resulting in a number of practical applications.

When both of these capacities are used jointly, sophisticated users gain the ability to detect moral darkness and evil intent in others. One of the original purposes of the Kraahkan was thus to root out those whose programming had gone wrong, so they could be repaired or disabled as needed before they could do damage to the Great Spirit Robot. As such, the mask became useful in disabling large groups of enemy combatants. Should any of the Matoran Universe factions go rogue, the Kraahkan's ability to spurn a subject could prompt multiple targets to turn on each other, or flee from battle, without risk to the bearer.

A noble variation of the mask would be different in that the Noble Kraakhan allows its user only Turaga-level range and strength of Elemental Shadow powers, and the duration of its effects are shorter.


  • Makuta Teridax - Formerly; now deceased
  • Icarax - Formerly; now deceased


Picture Description
Kraahkan Movie Default form of the main Kraahkan.
Goldkraahkan Default form of the Melding Kraahkan.
Doom Kraahkan Form taken when Teridax had wings.
Kraahkan Set 1 Form taken when Icarax wore the Kraahkan.
InfectedHau Appearing as an Infected Kanohi Hau.


  • The Kraakhan was used as the insignia of the Brotherhood of Makuta due to their leader's signature use of it and the organization's association with the element of Shadow.
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