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Kra Wahi Single


The landscape of this distent island was always barren and lifeless, containing no plant life what so ever due to constaint eruptions from the volcano of Mt. Black Spire, Leaving no traces of previous life.

Kra-Matoran Life[]

When the Kra-Matoran arrived they cleard away most of the sand that covered most of the island at the time and built a wall to block off the beach and to portect them from any invasions. The Kra-Matoran then started to build Kra-Koro which quickly grew eventuly needing another fort wall. During ths time they also constructed the Mt Black Spire Temple which was located outside the Koro and on the base of the volcano they also built the Kra-Suva.


The History of the island before the Kra-Matoran colonised it is unknown. Except that is was a major base for an unknown Makuta at one time, but any records of that makuta have been erased. When the Kra-Matoran arrived they noticed a small island rich with natural resources, so they sent a team to explore the island but soon found out it was colonised by the Av-Matoran, who offered to share there resources but the Kra-Matoran wanted it for there Koro only so they attacked the island. And the Av-Matoran started to fight back and even attacked Kra-Koro Sparking an all out war.

Sometime later a ship sent to investigate another island went off course and washed up on a beach to the far north of the koro at that time a scouting party made up of kra-Matoran were searching for clean water and stumbled upon the crew of that ship trying to make repairs deciding they could be a threat the Kra-Matoran killed one of the crew members and managed to capture the two Toa that where on bord and one matoran the rest of the crew had escaped and got away from the island as those where the leading toas orders.

They eventually put the captured toa and Matoran into a prison cell and headed off to the mountain to mine out the rocks which they did under there "Leaders" orders.

Known Inhabitants[]

  • Kra-Matoran
  • An Unknown Makuta
  • Various Rahi


  • This island going to be in one of Toa deriks short story's
  • The Kra-Matoran saw this island first and where in a hurry due to a storm - explaining why they didn't head to the Av-Matoran island.
  • The volcano in the middle of the Island is being cut out due to it makeing the plot involveing it - being similer to the canon voya nui saga. it is instead just going to be a normal Mountain.