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Krakonn (Mata)
Matoran Type
Destral (formerly)

The Kra-Matoran were a race of Matoran who were born with the element of Shadow created by the Great Spirit to help the Brotherhood of Makuta in their quest to create Rahi. They are now in danger of extinction because the Brotherhood of Makuta exterminated them all so they could not become a danger for their plans to conquer the Matoran Universe. Now there are only 18 members that once escaped from the claws of the Brotherhood.


The Great Spirit Mata Nui created the Kra-Matoran after the creation of the Makuta in order to help them with the creation of Rahi. The first to be created was the one called Ketrax, who was named the leader of his predecessors. All the Kra-Matoran set up a society on the island of Destral, the seat of the Makuta. No one but a short number of inhabitants of the Matoran Universe knew about this race.

Later Ketrax was transformed into a Toa to protect its people, but he would eventually sacrifice his power to give it to 10 Kra-Matoran. At consequence of this, Ketrax became a Turaga and he gain a greater command over the Kra-Matoran.

They all lived in peacefully, until 300o years ago, the Makuta realized that the Kra-Matoran may represent a danger for their plan to take over the Matoran Universe, since they were a loyal society to the Three Virtues. So Teridax, who had already dethroned Miserix from the command of the Brotherhood, ordered several of his brothers to annihilate them all.

However, a Kra-Matoran named Krakonn, saw how the future slaughter was being planned. So he went to warn his Kra-Matoran companions, but before they could counter attack, the Makuta began to launch their attack. Only 17 survived and fled in a boat. They took their separate ways and exiled into different islands. Now, all the survivors were all lodged in Spherus Magna.

Known Kra-Matoran[]

Here is a list of known Kra-Matoran, which are the 18 survivors.


  • Krakonn: In Destral was the best designer of Rahi. Now, he lives in Kyria Nui as a veterinarian. - By Garmagic
  • Another sixteen Kra-Matoran who are still alive, exiled in various regions.


  • Martok: An elder Toa of Shadow who didn't perish during the slaughter because he was not there with the other Toa. He was part of the Toa Hagah at the service of Makuta Naokio. He eventually escaped - By Garmagic
  • Ketrax: Formerly the first Kra-Matoran ever created by the Great Spirit and the leader of his race. He became into the first Toa of Shadows and then, into a Turaga. He died in the slaughter. - By Garmagic
  • Other 9 Toa of Shadows.