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Kowa Volcanos
Primary Residents Some Fire Rahi
Location Bio-Land, Kowa Mountains
Status Intact
Locations Inwirn's Second Base, Cavern of Lava, Rordika's Lair

Kowa Volcanos on map

The Kowa Volcanos is a huge volcanic area in the southern parts of the Kowa Mountains. The volcano's produce a lot of heat and lava, which Matoran collect and use for heating and by cooling down into a rock, carving. All of Kohonga City is heated with the lava from the volcano's. In this area, is also located the Cavern of Lava and Inwirn's Second Base was built here too.

The lava of this area is crucial not only to the ones in Kohonga City but also almost all of Bio-Land and other lands buy cooled and liquid lava from Bio-Land, which is obtained from this area. If the volcanos should stop working, it would cause a disaster amongst the Matoran of Bio-Land.


The Kowa Volcanos were already in excistence on Mabauto, but went with Bio-Land when it broke off the continent.

Inwirn built her second base in these volcanos.

The Rising didn't affect the volcanos since it's a part of the Kowa. The area has been inhabited by immigrants of the BIONICLE Planet due to the Great Migration.

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