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"These mountains aren't just a lifeless pile of rock. It really has a life, I can sense it's mood and it's thoughts"
Guardian of the Kowa Mountains
Kowa Mountains
Primary Residents Guardian of the Kowa Mountains, Billions of Matoran, Rahi
Location Northeast in Bio-Land
Status In good shape

The Kowa Mountains on map

The Kowa Mountains are the biggest group of mountains in Bio-Land and the guard of a great legend. It's mostly just mountains made of rock and stone. Kowa Mountains aren't dangerous though, if you watch your step and don't fall into the gorges below. It's actually a very good hiding place and that's why many villains have had their Fortresses there, including for excample Tonga.


When Bio-Land broke off Mabauto, the Kowa Mountains formed on a part of the area of Kowa. The Guardian of Kowa stood there, protecting the place.

Matoran Hordika built had a hut there and she lived in Kowa Mountains, until Aino found her and Matoran Hordika accompanied her. Miira's Army, or what was left of it, hid in the Kowa Mountains until they were found too and they left.

The Rising didn't affect the mountains. The mountains are an important location for the Great Migration, since it's known as it's destination. Billions of Matoran and other beings from all across the BIONICLE Planet have moved to the mountains. ...But then the Massacre occured


  • If Bio-Land would be destroyed somehow, Kowa Mountains would survive and form it's own mountain island.

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