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This article is about the sacred area. You may be looking for mask or the staff or the Great Spirit or the mountains.
"The sacred land, the destiny of everyone's destiny, the only salvation to a doom of darkness must be fulfilled!"
Primary Residents Guardian of the Kowa Mountains, all beings of BIONICLE Planet
Location Bio-Land
Status Inhabited

Kowa is a sacred area created by Kowa with his own spirit. It originally had the purpose of being a place of salvation for the inhabitants of Aqua Magna during The Melding so the beings on Aqua Magna could survive it. It did protect the beings of Aqua Magna when The Melding occured and is now the largest mountains if Spherus Magna.


The area of Kowa was created long ago by Kowa himself on Mabauto. He went as a spirit in the area himself, making sure that anyone on the area would be unharmed against any outside evil force. The Guardian of Kowa, who was Kowa's friend, made a deal with Kowa. He started guarding the area and making sure Kowa would know when it was time for him to begin his mission and fulfill his destiny.

When Bio-Land broke off Mabauto, the area of Kowa went with the new continent. Also, a great mountain range was formed to a part of the area. They were named Kowa Mountains. The guardian still continued to guard the area, using his powers to manipulate the mountainrange.

Many minor things happened in the area, but nothing special. The Guardian of Kowa guarded the area, mostly the new mountians for milleniums until The Rising signaled the beginning of the completion of Kowa's destiny. The Guardian of Kowa sent a vision to Aino who started gathering all living beings from the planet to the Kowa Mountains.

The area waited for all the beings to arrive in it. The area started growing mysteriously and when all beings of the planet were there, the greatest mystery was revealed. Guardian of Kowa placed the Kowa Staff and the Kowa Stone on the highest part of the mountain range and then placed his Kanohi on those. He disappeared but Kowa, the spirit, got the signal that it was time. He enlarged the mountains range into a gigantic, one mountains which the inhabitants of Aqua Magna could live in peace from Teridax who was rampaging the planet as the Matoran Universe itself. A shield protected Kowa from all outside harm.

The Melding made Kowa a part of Spherus Magna. The shield around it protected it's inhabitants from The Melding and after it was complete, the shield disappeared, making it possible to move out or in Kowa. Many beings live on the mountains of Kowa, but many have moved out too.


  • The spirit of Kowa in the area prevents Teridax in Mata Nui's body to harm the area in any way.
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