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Koved Turaga

Koved (formally stylized as His Eminence, Koved, by the Grace of Mata Nui, President of the Spherus Magna Council and Head of the Confederation of Nations of Spherus Magna) was a Ko-Matoran who later became a Toa of Ice and then a Turaga. He is the founder of the Metru Magna Military Engineering and current President of the Spherus Magna Council.


Koved's origins trace back to his scholarly life as a Matoran on the island of At-Norx. This island was subject to the jurisdiction of two ruling Makuta, Pakark and Carya, who maintained distinct dominion over the eastern and western regions respectively. The Makuta enforced strict isolationist policies, effectively forbidding the populace from traversing between regions. Koved, residing in the eastern sector under Pakark's governance, was intimately acquainted with these regulations.

On a momentous occasion, Pakark assigned Koved the task of journeying to the western village to present a newly created Rahi specimen to Carya. This marked Koved's first expedition outside his own village. It was during this voyage that he encountered Kryehk, a Ga-Matoran residing in the western region, and an enduring friendship blossomed between them. Despite the forbidden nature of their interaction, Koved and Kryehk secretly met on multiple occasions within the forest that divided their respective villages. Tragically, their encounters took a grievous turn when they fell victim to a brutal assault by a Muaka, leaving them severely wounded.

Koved Matoran

Koved as a Matoran

In response to this situation, Pakark and Carya, reluctant to address the matter directly, opted to send Koved and Kryehk to the island of Karzahni for "repairs." There, they were subjected to reconstructions before being subsequently relocated to Voya Nui.

As events unfolded, Koved bore witness to the shattering of the Southern Continent and the formation of Mahri Nui from the resulting debris. Within this new cityscape, Koved swiftly developed a profound fascination with technology, channeling his ingenuity into inventing mechanisms to ensure the survival and well-being of his fellow Matoran. His inventive prowess gained prominence among the inhabitants as the enigmatic Ignika emerged from the murky depths. In due course, like other denizens of Mahri Nui, Koved was eventually evacuated by the Toa Mahri and transported to Voya Nui.

Koved Toa

Koved as a Toa

In the period leading up to the Reign of Shadows, Koved and Kryehk became Toa. Throughout this tumultuous era, they collaborated closely with the Alpha Beings, dedicating themselves to safeguarding and guiding displaced refugees towards the sanctuary of Takiw Nui.

Spherus Magna[]

Following the demise of Teridax, Koved made the journey to Spherus Magna, embarking upon a fresh chapter in his existence. He selflessly relinquished his powers, electing to establish a new generation of Toa while assuming the mantle of Turaga. Simultaneously, he founded a technological enterprise known as "Matatu Corporation."

One of the company's inaugural clients was Vilrohk, for whom Koved engineered formidable armor. Subsequently, Koved approached the nascent Spherus Magna Council, presenting them with meticulously crafted blueprints for an ambitious architectural endeavor.

Recognizing the vision and expertise encapsulated within the designs, the Council extended their support and allocated the necessary resources for its realization. Over the course of a decade, Koved, in collaboration with Matatu Corporation, constructed the magnificent domed metropolis known as Metru Magna. This city served as both the seat of the Spherus Magna Council and the thriving capital of the planet. Impressed by Koved's exceptional achievements, the Council forged a formal alliance with him and Matatu Corporation, leading to the official rebranding of his company as "Metru Magna Military Engineering."

At the behest of the Council, Koved and his team were commissioned to construct a refuge as a contingency measure in the event of an attack on Metru Magna. However, certain influential Senators cunningly persuaded the Engineering to position the refuge in closer proximity to the kingdom of Xianori, a rival nation, purportedly in the interest of surveillance. Obliging the request, Koved remained unaware that the Refuge would eventually serve as an operational hub for illicit activities orchestrated by corrupt Senators. It would take over a millennium for Koved to uncover this startling truth.

The Invasion[]

When the Chorak launched their invasion, Koved, along with the other inhabitants of Metru Magna, was safely evacuated and directed towards the refuge. However, the tranquility was soon shattered as the Chorak initiated an assault on the sanctuary itself. Koved valiantly joined forces with Toa Kryehk, defending against the relentless adversaries and ensuring the survival of their fellow refugees.

In the midst of the chaos, a Dark Hunter named Kapokhed arrived, unleashing wanton destruction. Concurrently, another Chorak contingent launched an attack, prompting Koved to engage in combat while Deriahk confronted Kapokhed. Driven by an unwavering desire to assist Deriahk, Koved was met with Kapokhed's patrification powers, rendering him immobile and vulnerable.

Following the cessation of hostilities, Kapokhed, acknowledging the importance of unity and renewal, restored Koved from his petrified state. This auspicious occasion was commemorated in the presence of Kryehk, now a Turaga, symbolizing the commencement of an era marked by a thousand years of unyielding peace.


During the tumultuous events of Defunction, Koved was notably absent, but he bore witness to the harrowing sacrifice of Kryehk orchestrated by Pakark. This deeply traumatic experience left an indelible mark on his psyche. Concurrently, Koved uncovered distressing revelations regarding the Spherus Magna Refuge's involvement in illicit activities. These shocking realizations fueled a growing bitterness within him towards the inhabitants of Spherus Magna, whom he deemed as driven by insatiable greed and unwarranted arrogance.

Consumed by an unwavering obsession to restore the planet's lost splendor, Koved embarked on a path driven by an insatiable thirst for power and influence.


In the aftermath of Vavakx's demise, the Spherus Magna Council succumbed to rampant corruption, while the nefarious operations conducted within the Spherus Magna Refuge plunged the kingdom of Xianori into the throes of a bitter civil conflict.

Seizing upon this turmoil as an opportunity to advance his personal agenda, Koved embarked on a clandestine investigation into the depths of corruption. He forged an alliance with Deriahk, concealing his true intentions. Simultaneously, the rebels of Xianori began to coalesce, orchestrating a daring heist targeting the Kanohi Ignika within Metru Magna.

Isale, the unofficial Senator of Xianori, dispatched Toa Nugru to rendezvous with Koved within the confines of the Refuge. Deriahk facilitated their meeting, during which Koved unveiled the fruits of their investigation, revealing the insidious machinations that had taken root within the Council and raising concerns regarding the Rebellion's involvement in the theft of the Ignika. Koved presented Nugru with a memory crystal containing their findings.

In due course, the damning revelations came to light in the wake of the Xianori Rebellion, triggering a seismic scandal that led to the resignation and arrest of numerous Senators implicated in the crimes. As intended, Turaga Tahu was ousted from the Presidency of the Council, paving the way for Koved's ascent to the position.

Buoyed by the assurance of his agent, Kuruk, that his scheme had triumphed and the Council was now under his sway, Koved received further tidings from Tux, his operative and former diplomatic aide to Tahu. Tux relayed the successful capture of Tamani Diguxx, who was found in possession of the coveted Kanohi Gebuk and the Kanohi Ignika. Contemplating the significance of these artifacts, Koved braced himself for the imminent unfolding of the next phase of his intricate plan.

Abilities and Traits[]

Koved possesses a charismatic and magnetic presence, his intelligence undeniable and matched only by his relentless ambition. At the Metru Magna Military Engineering, Koved’s penchant for perfectionism is on full display, a trait that permeates every project he undertakes. He harbors a deep appreciation for technology, a passion that has shaped his path as an inventor and visionary.

Following the heartbreaking loss of his close friend, Kryehk, Koved became enveloped in sorrow. This personal tragedy, intertwined with his disillusionment with the corruption he perceives in the Spherus Magna Council, crystallized his view of society as being fundamentally driven by greed and hubris, prompting him to construct a reality where perception is more valuable than truth.

Koved is dedicated to using his influence to impose a new order on the world. His pursuit is ostensibly altruistic; he interprets his political machinations not as self-serving, but as a means to realize his vision for a better future, even though his actions could be perceived as deceitful and self-serving.

In spite of his profound grief and simmering rage, Koved is a master of self-control, maintaining a strategic partnership with Pakark, the one responsible for Kryehk's end. He is a cold and calculating strategist, adept at suppressing dissent within his ranks. Once Pakark's utility had run its course in Koved's eyes, his veneer of composure fractured, revealing a fierce urgency to hold Pakark accountable.

Koved's tolerance for failure is razor-thin, a trait starkly exposed in his intense confrontation with Kuruk over losing sight of Pakark. With an icy fury, Koved sends a resounding message: nothing and no one will stand in the way of his mission. He exudes an unshakeable belief in his own infallibility.

As a Toa of Ice, Koved was once able to wield formidable control over ice itself. Yet, after becoming a Turaga, these powers have waned significantly.

Mask and Tools[]

Koved wears a Noble Matatu, the Mask of Telekinesis, enabling him to manipulate objects using his mind.


  • The Kanohi Matatu Koved wears is a 3D model designed by KhingK3D.