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Toa Koustic
Element Sonics

Technologically enhanced armor;

Sonic Halberd;

Corrupted Mask of Flight

Status Unknown

Order of Mata Nui (formerly);

  • Toa of Sudae Nui (formerly)

Dark Hunters (formerly);

Order of Mata Nui (re-joined)

  • Omega Squad
Pronunciation 'Toh-ah 'Koo-stik

Toa Koustic is a Toa of Sonics and a former Toa of Earth. He had his element changed in an attempt to become more powerful, but was poisoned by a rogue robotic servant. Koustic wears the Corrupted Kadin, which can propell him at high speeds through any medium, including vacuum and water.


Koustic's complete history has not been made up yet. It is known, however, that he was exiled to Sudae Nui as a matoran with his close friend Daptive, where both became Toa, along with Rama, Ko'pen, Tara, and Jagga. The island was attacked by a makuta and the Toa were shamed in battle. In an attempt to increase the power of the team, Toa Rama, the leader of the Toa Sudae, created a machine to intumbe the Toa with artificial Energized Protodermis. It worked, but due to a back-handed assasination attempt by one of Rama's drones, Koustic, along with the rest of the Toa, had their elements changed. Koustic was hit especially hard by the poison, which changed his personality and corrupted his mask.

During the following battle against the makuta that plagued Sudae Nui, Kousitc fell unconsious (due to the poisoning), which led Toa Daptive to use his Mask of Fusion to fuse the two Toa, creating Toa Daptik. Toa Daptik dispatched the makuta and de-fused into Daptive and Koustic once more, but the price was both of the Toa's memories. Their purpose unknown, they left Sudae Nui to join the Dark Hunters. "After all," Koustic said, "If they hunt the dark, I want to help."

They didn't stay long after they realized the true purpose of the organization.

Soon after, they were recruited by Makuta Crondor, a rogue makuta working for the Order of Mata Nui, to join Omega Squad, an elite makuta hunting group. Koustic, Daptive and Crondor, along with Robakshi 5, also known as Pytho, "Toa Nui", a matoran super-hero of sorts, and Holographic-Unit 9-3, a Dark Hunter invention, successfully hunted makuta until Makuta Teridax took control of Mata Nui's body. Koustic's fate remains unknown, although it was assumed that Koustic is dead.

Powers and Abilities[]

Koustic has complete control over sonics and can, among other things, make sonicbooms, make himself or others completely silent, and shake objets to dust. He also retained some of his elemental Earth powers, but at a weakened state. Because of his poisoning, he's prone to fits of uncontrolled elemental explosions and unconsciousness.

Personality and Traits[]

Before he became a Toa of Sonics, Koustic was a quiet individual who rarely spoke his mind. He was also known as a great inventor. After his poisoning, he became sporadic and slightly insane.