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Korudzahk's Journal is written by Pirakafreak24 about Korudzahk

November 2008[]

November 1st[]

I, Korudzahk, have just hunted a whole villiage of matoran on Kreau Nui. It was so easy. They have a colluseam like Metru Nui and ever villiager was there. A turaga was there, telling everyone about upcoming events. Blah blah blah! I didn't care, so when he left so some other matoran could speak, I snuck up behind him.

It was easy. Using my four legs I crouched on the ceiling as the turaga entered the small dark room. He looked arround and walked right underneath me. I jumped down and slaughtered the old fool. It was just then when I heard another matoran announcing that the turaga has some more to say.

I saw an opening. I never went out. Instead, I climbed through the vents to the back row of the bleachers. This colluseam was pretty high. The matoran announced that the turaga would come out soon. He was stalling. I finally got up to the top row, grasped two matoran's necks, through them over the side of the building where they fell to a hard death, and someone screamed as they saw me, so I grabbed some more matoran with two of my hands and used the swords in my two others and cut their throughts.

More matoran started to run. I continued to swing my blades at everyone. It took hours, but there was still one matoran left. I ran after the weasel, jumped up high and grabbed the matoran's neck, strangling him untill he died.

That's the way I live. Ah.... It was a good day.

November 2nd[]

One of those stupid matoran survived. Yes, I'm still on Kreau Nui, but only becasue one matoran survived. This one was tricky. I saw him as I walked into town looking for food.

It was mid day. I was hot and tired, when I saw the little matoran, hiding. It wasn't hard. I just ran up and killed him, but it made me wonder if there were any other survivers.....

November 7th[]

It has been 5 days since I last wrote. Nothing much has happened. I searched every square inch of Kreau Nui, and there were none others. Tomorrow, I will be getting in a canister and travel to another island.