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Kopaka 1
Portrayed by Warren Blackie
Gender Male
Element Ice
Kanohi Great Akaku, Akaku Nuva
Occupation(s) Toa
Status Alive
First Appearance Fire & Ice

Kopaka is the Toa/Toa Nuva of Ice from Mata Nui. He seems to be level-headed and acts as the deputy of the Toa Mata, and later the Toa Nuva.


Toa Mata

During the Bohrok invasion, Kopaka takes Tahu through the cold in order to get to Kini Nui. When they're attacked by a Bohrok, Tahu destroys Kopaka's sword out of anger. Kopaka responds by taking Tahu's sword and freezing it. He then creates a sword out of ice and kills the Bohrok. Kopaka then hits Tahu in the head with his shield after Tahu compliments him on defeating the Bohrok.

Toa Nuva

During a blizzard, Kopaka came across Lewa and Toudo as he was wandering Ko-Wahi. Lewa asked for Kopaka's guidance in getting to Onu-Wahi, but Kopaka said nothing and continued his journey alone.


  • Kopaka was intended to have a larger role in Astray in the Drifts, but this was cut as the writer felt it didn't fit.