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This article is about the character in Realm of Conquest. You may be looking for Kopaka (source).

Kopaka is a Toa of Ice and a member of the Toa Nuva. His Partner Matoran is Solek.

Toa Nuva
Great Akaku
Midak Skyblaster, bayonet
Toa Base


Realm of Conquest[]

Part 1[]

Kopaka and the other Toa Phantoka were first seen reuninting with the Toa Mistika and establishing thei base in the room next to the Makuta base. Later, they defended the base against the Makuta. Kopaka put up a good fight and managed to defeat Bitil, but was beaten by Chirox.

Soon after, the Toa battled the Barraki and Kopaka was faced with the opponent of Mantax. When Mantax tried to hide in the ground, Kopaka pulled him out and then froze him. When the Barraki escaped and Carapar and Takadox caused an avalanche, Kopaka told the team it was probably nothing.

He battled Bitil again but lost when Bitil equipped Rock Wrecker. However, Mazeka designed battle vehicles for the Toa and Kopaka used Snowmobile to defeat Vamprah and win his Akaku back.

Kopaka battled his rival Bitil again, this time ending in a draw when the battle between Toa Mata Nui and Ultimate Dume knocked the both out.

Part 2[]

Kopaka and Tahu entered the Tag Team Tournament on Gali's suggestion that they learn to work together. They bested Hakann and Vezok in the first round but lost to Rex and Ikonox in the second.

Kopaka and the other Toa, along with the Piraka battled Vezon while he was wearing the Golden Armor. The Toa trapped Vezon in a Toa Seal so that they could remove the golden armor and destroy it.

He and Solek battled Sailorix in the final battle and forced him to separate so that Antroz could talk some sense into Illusion and the other Somets. He later stayed behind to battle while the leaders went ahead.

Personality and Traits[]

Kopaka was cold and cruel, with little respect or regard for others. He was particularly spiteful of Tahu, because he believed he deserved to be the leader and not him. His only two friends on the team were Gali, and though he would never admit it, Pohatu.

Powers and Equipment[]

Like all Toa of Ice, Kopaka had control over the elemental power of Ice. He also carried a Midak Skyblaster that included a bayonet. He was the only Toa with wings and was able to fly.

Strength: 10
Agility: 11
Toughness: 12
Mind: 11