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Konom Roads
Trail Junction
Other Names Konom's Web, The Great Web
Creators Association of Powai Nui Wilderness and Trailworks
Ownership Association of Powai Nui Wilderness and Trailworks
Location Le-Powai, Powai Nui, Southern Islands
Function Hub for Powai Nuian Trailworks
Area 86,000 square bio (40 acres)
Status In use

The Konom Roads was a large junction of commercial and recreational trails and a hub of the extensive trailworks managed by APNWT on Powai Nui. Located in Le-Powai, they were the most frequented trails on the island due to their proximity to APNWT headquarters and their commercial and recreational uses.


As with many things, the Konom Roads were planned by the Powai Nui Governing Coalition upon its creation. Originally named "The Great Web", it was renamed to Konom Roads upon completion in memory of Konom, a Vo-Matoran forewoman who died during a freak accident while helping to direct the construction of the junction. The name The Great Web stuck, and was sometimes combined with its new official name to create nicknames such as "Konom's Web".


The Konom Roads, in essence, was the junction of over 300 trails from across Powai Nui. Rather than meeting at one point, they collected on a large ring-shaped trail, which was dubbed the "Spider's Ring" due to it making the rest of the junction superficially resemble a spider's web on maps. The headquarters of APNWT were located close to the Spider's Ring.

Konom Marathon[]

The Konom Marathon was a septennial event where participants would run clockwise around Powai Nui using recreational trails, beginning at the Spider's Ring and running through Po-Powai and Ko-Powai before ending up back at the Spider's Ring. The marathon was known for the avid and quirky fanbase surrounding it and was one of the island's events which was most heavily attended by various counterculture groups, surpassing even the avant-garde concerts often held in the same region.


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    Laksuj-Konom Roads

    A map of the Konom Roads included on the original page