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Mask of Mind Control
Manipulative Hypnosis
Component Kanoka
 • Freeze
 • Poison Removal
 • Weaken

The Kanohi Komau was the Mask of Mind Control, a Kanohi that allowed the user to influence the mind of a single target, convincing them to perform a series of basic commands. However, the Kanohi could not allow a subject to violate their moral code and was ineffective against fully robotic organisms and some types of Rahi.

The Komau also allowed the user to deliver a powerful Psionic pulse that temporarily left a target in a semi-conscious state.


The Kanohi Komau traces its origins back back to some of the earliest mask-making techniques adopted on Spherus Magna, where an unclear number of Komau masks were created for the Matoran populace. At this point in the history of the Matoran Universe, the Komau became heavily associated with Ce-Matoran, who held the mask up as a symbol of their elemental discipline.

Over the 100,000 year span of the Matoran Universe's functionality, the Komau became a somewhat wide-spread Kanohi. In Metru Nui is could crafted with relative ease using Freeze, Poison Removal, and Weaken Kanoka disks. Given the ease with which Komau could be created, however, the Kanohi became somewhat common in Matoran society.

Quite notably, a Po-Matoran Komau-wearer named Onewa was known to have sported a Komau during his time as a Toa Metru, one of the Matoran Universe's final and most prominent Toa Teams, marking a decisive footnote in the mask's history.

The Great Being known as Velika was also known to have sported a Kanohi Komau whilst under the guise of a Po-Matoran in the Matoran Universe.






Picture Form
Komau A traditional great Komau, as forged on Metru Nui.
Set Komau Hordika A great Komau in Hordika form.
Noble Kanohi Komau A noble Komau.


  • Although Matoran do not class the Komau as an Immoral Kanohi, some Matoran Universe cultures considered the Kanohi Komau's mask power to be deeply unethical. As such, the Order of Mata Nui used to closely monitor Toa with Great Komau masks, to ensure they did not abuse the Kanohi's capabilities.