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This article is about the forest. You may be looking for the city.
Kohonga Forest
Primary Residents Rahi
Former Residents Toa Blentian and other Rahi
Location Bio-Land, right north from Kohonga City
Status Damaged

Kohonga Forest on the map

Kohonga Forest is a small forest north from Kohonga City. It is sacred, for it hides the Temple of Henkka. A Toa named, Blentian used to gaurd an unknown treasure in the Forest many years ago. Kohonga Forest used to be the home of a Horrible Grotesque Beast Known as Thectrus, Thectrus is known by natives as a giant golem with fists as big as boulders, but is actually the very first Rahi ever to live at Kohonga Forest, Although a rahi, Thectrus killed many matoran but was later immobilized by a Turaga.

The Kohonga Forest has a very thick vegetation, making in hard to move in there. Kohonga Forest is known as the forest of legends, it hides many secrets. Because it is sacred, no Matoran live in the forest, but instead it's protected and left in peace.


The Kohonga Forest was a part of a bigger forest when Bio-Land was still a part of Mabauto. When it broke off, much forest around the Kohonga Forest was destroyed, but some remained, later named as Kohonga Forest.

The forest was protected by the First Leader of Bio-Land.

The forest was damaged by The Rising.

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