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Kohonga City
Primary Residents none
Former Residents Matoran
Location A little east from the center of Bio-Land
Status Damaged and deserted
Locations Inwirn's First Base, Turaga Tower

Kohonga City is the capital city of Bio-Land, and a huge one. It itself is bigger than all of Metru Nui. 38% of Bio-Lands residents (not Rahi) live there. It's also the center of tourism. It was destroyed in Invasion of the Spiders of Doom but was rebuilt. In the city, resides also the Turaga Tower, which is the home of the island's leader. It is also known that Zenta and his family lived on the border of the city.

Almost all other cities and villages in Bio-Land trade continuosly with Kohonga City. There's a lot of industry in the city and things are exported all over the world from there. And it is known that Metal was exported from the borders.


The construction work of the Kohonga City lasted for many years, beginning after Bio-Land's separation from Mabauto.

The city had to go through many wars in it's excistence. Matoran Hordika's Army/Monster Army War was battled near the city. Also, the city was brought to ruins in War of the Clones, but was rebuilt by Tapio when he used the Mask of Reality.

The city was about to take part in the War Against the Spiders of Doom, but The Rising interrupted it and damaged the city badly. Buildings fell and turned into rubble. Balta's Samurai School started helping in finding the missing Matoran from rubble. When the Great Migration began, the city's inhabitants moved to the Kowa Mountains and left the city damaged and deserted.

Known Residents (All former due to the Great Migration)[]

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