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The Kodax War is the first war in Gigas Magna's history, and Antidax's first grab for power.

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Kodax War
Beginning 99,000 BGC
End 99,000 BGC
Location Gigas Magna
Outcome Order of Great Beings victory
  • Order of Great Beings
  • Kodax
  • 1,000,000 Kodax
  • 10,000,000 Kodax Droids †
  • 275,000 Kodax
  • All the Kodax Droids


First Battle of Gigas Nui[]

Velnax, leading the Kodax army from the command ship Dreadnought, journeyed from Kodax Magna in his plot to attack the Order of Great Beings-ruled Gigas Magna.

The Kodax demanded a surrender, and when the Great Beings refused, they began to land ground troops. However, they were driven out of the city by the Elite Great Beings.

Battle of the Southern Coast[]

The Kodax attempted to claim the West Continent of Gigas Magna, so a showdown began on its southern coast. The Great Beings managed to hold out against both land and air invasions with a rare kind of energy cannon, and were able to permanently repel the Kodax. The Kodax, however, did what Gigas Magna's shields prevented them from doing in the first battle: they unleashed an orbital bombardment that turned the area into a radioactive wasteland.

Battle of Axalia[]

The Kodax made a ground ambush on the Toa base Axalia on the East Continent. The Kodax unveiled new assault vehicles, and won the battle extremely quickly due to the small amount of troops stationed there. The Great Being Brominax was captured in the battle, and the Kodax established a bunker there.

Second Battle of Gigas Nui[]

The Kodax made a second attempt to capture the city of Gigas Nui. The Great Beings had finished developing ships for aerial warfare, and the battle raged on in both the ground and the sky. The Kodax eventually retreated after being caught in a pincer movement by Fyxan, who, having helped Brominax escape from prison, stole some Kodax warships and crewed them with robots that he had programmed to attack the Kodax.

Battle on the Dreadnought[]

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  • War with the Kodax