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"He's a pretty good leader. Even better than the one we had on Miikau!"
―An unnamed Ko-Matoran talking about Klaxius

Klaxius is a former Ko-matoran, ex-Toa of ice, and current leader of the mountain area on Sparkann.



Nothing is known about about Klaxius's life as a matoran other than the fact he originally came from Miikau and he was friends with Ikoru


After Klaxius became a Toa he traveled to various islands protecting matoran from natural disasters and dangerous rahi. It is also known he helped matoran with trades.After about 1500 years of being a toa he returned to Miikau to see how his home island was doing, only to find it was being raided by vortixx. He did all he could to keep the matoran safe but the vortixx took off to Vulcanaxia with a third of island's matoran. 900 years later he went to Vulcanaxia in an attempt to free the matoran but was defeated and sent back. He was afraid they would kill him if he went back so he moved to the newly discovered island, Sparkann. On Sparkann the matoran seemed to be able to fend for themseles, but the mountain region had no leader. After Klaxius noticed this he sacrificed his power and became the leader of the mountain region.


Klaxius as a turaga led the Ko-matora of Sparkann's mountain. The matoran thought he made an excellent leader and all pitched in to build a statue of him in the center of the village. When Ikoru arrived on Sparkann he was made Klaxius's right hand matoran.

Abilities and Traits[]

As a Ko-Matoran, Klaxius had innate elemental powers, which manifested themselves as a natural resistance to colder temperatures. When he became a Toa, Klaxius could access these elemental powers and control ice and cold in various ways.

Mask and Tools[]

Klaxius wore a great Kanohi Komau, mask of mind control, which allowed him to control a target’s mind. When Klaxius became a Turaga, his Komau became a noble one, which had slightly diminished powers of its original great form.