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White, yellow, black (Runask only)

Kinetics is a secondary element.


Kinetics the power to control motion, able to add or subtract kinetic energy from a target, as well as fire it in a blast.

This is not to be confused with velocity, which relates to momentum, the result of what kinetic energy does.

Nor is it to be confused with Energy, the control of all forms of energy.

Abilities of Kinetics include:

  • Firing blasts of kinetic energy
  • Increasing one's own speed
  • Altering another being/object's speed
  • Firing null-rays which freeze the target in place
  • Suddenly altering one's momentum or that of another being/object
  • Increasing damage dealt by one's own physical attack
  • Decreasing the energy of an opponent's blows
  • Unleashing a Kinetics Nova Blast (Toa exclusive)

Ki-Matoran would contain small traces of this element, to the extent that they would be very acrobatic. Turaga of Kinetics would also have small traces of Kinetics elemental power.

Known Users[]

  • All Ki-Matoran
  • All Toa of Kinetics
  • Golden Yellow-Black Runask