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"But I will come with you, and do anything to avenge my friend!"
Yellow Kakama
Guard Spear

Kikka was a happy Matoran living in Comic Land, in a village called Musterdia. He had a best friend who's name is not known. Kikka lived in a normal hut, doing his chores.



Kikka at his friend's dead body

In Quest for the Four Great Lands, Kikka, at some point, was with his friend outside when Tapio, Zuxan, Ura, Vahkoro and Turaga Matthew came there with Kahus. They were searching for the stone of omic Land and apparently Kikka's Friend knew the place, it was in his hut. But during a battle in the friends hut, Grandeg's Elite Robot came and killed Kikka's Friend. Kikka was really sad and vowed to avenge him and help Zuxan and his band.

Kikka got himself a Guard Spear from the Musterdia Weapons Hut when the group visited there. After that, the group went with their Kahus towards the temple of Comic Land. Kikka didn't have his own Kahu so he had to ride with Ura. Upon Bz-Metru, an army of Grandeg's Robots attacked, shooting down all of the group, which however survived. Kikka was saved into one of Grandeg's Airships, which had been taken over by good guys.


Kikka pushing Grandeg's Elite Robot off the cliff, falling down himself too

Later, when the ship was destroyed, Kikka hopped down with the others with a parachute. Later he was chosen to aid Aino, Matoran Hordika and Kauhkahu in finding the stone of Metru Nui. Once there, they were attacked by the Grandeg's Elite Robot. Kikka tried to challenge it but lost, loosing his Guard Spear in the process. He was then teleported to Grandeg.

Later Kikka escaped with the help of some friends. He went to Gruissiono with Aino and Matoran Hordika while the others stayed to confront Grandeg. Kikka got there just in time to challenge Grandeg's Elite Robot again. This time, he discovered the robots weakness, it was his mask. Kikka took hold of the robot and jumped from a cliff, taking off the robots mask. The robot shut down and Kikka said his last words: "I have avenged my friend... I have done what I had to do... Now I can go."

Kikka died in honor. Later his remains were found and buried beside his friends grave in Musterdia.

Abilities and Traits[]

Kikka was a quick-tempered Matoran, with honour. He respected all who he concidered his friends and would be furious against his enemies when fighting.


Kikka received a Guard Spear from the Musterdia Weapon's Hut when he started to travel with Tapio and his friends after his friend was killed.


"But I will come with you, and do anything to avenge my friend!"
"I have avenged my friend... I have done what I had to do... Now I can go."
―Kikka falling down towards his death
"It's you! You killed my friend!"
―Kikka to Grandeg's elite robot in Metru Nui


  • Kikka's broken Guard Spear was found by the Turaga of Metru Nui after their return. They took it into the Archives, just in case if it would be important some day.