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Map of Kiel
Primary Residents Ko-Matoran and other Matoran
Location North from Bio-Land, Northwest from Comic Land
Status Split in half
Pronunciation Keel

Kiel is an extremely Cold Island that Makuta split in half 5 centuries ago, when the first group of Matoran arrived there. Only the 6 Ko-Matoran survived, for the bitter cold was something only they could withstand. Their Boat, the Nikila, was destroyed when they hit the Ice Talons, newly created when Makuta split the island. Matoran and Turaga crafted Ice Weapons, from Daggers to Blades to Scimitars from the Ice Dagger, a Mountain taller than Mount Everest.

Nekka once trained in the art of these weapons, and trained them to his team. However, they then stormed a surprise attack at Kiel's weak Ice Talons. Kiel managed to defeat them, but their leader, Keelefra, lost his powers, making life hard for the Kiel Kouncil, below.

Kiel Kouncil[]

Not much is yet known about the Parliament known as Kiel Kouncil, eccept that their Toa Powers were how they made decisions-most of them had Starsight.


The Kielians invented Snow Huts, which are today used in the Frost Regions of voya Nui, Laksuj-Konom, and Bio-Land. Toa Teremeary once said,

"Those Huts are amazing, and they keep a fair ammount of Warmth!"

As he said that they keep in Warmth, other Matoran were able to move to the island. But it wasn't enough heat for Ta-Matoran and Le-Matoran.