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Kidra was a Toa of Mercury and an Order of Mata Nui member

Control over Mercury
Mask of Intangibility- Shaped as a Miru
Knives, "Slasher"


It is assumed that Kidra began her life (Like the majority of all other matoran) on Spherus Magna, as a Ce-Matoran, where he aided in the construction of the Matoran Universe. He would later be placed within the Matoran Universe in an unknwon location, presumably with a population of other Matoran.

Kidra often had difficulty using her natural gifts given to her by being a Ce Matoran.

At an undetermined point in time, Kidra was known to have encountered Atracks at an inn, where she enthusiastically embraced him and expressed her joy at his return to her city of residence

The means of Kidra's transformation into a Toa is unknown, as is how her element changed to Mercury. She often had difficulty in using her elemental powers. Thusly, she was instead forced to master other forms of defending herself, namely fighting with weapons

Due to this shortcoming, she became very practiced with her weapons and was renowned for her skill with a blade.

It is known that at one point, Kidra joined the Order of Mata Nui. During her service to the order, she was known to have partaken in a mission involving the assassination of a Dark Hunter.

It is said that, Through unknown circumstances, she ended up on Spherus Magna. When there, developed a close friendship with another Toa named Atracks. She also became one of the servants of the 'Master of Iron'. a "slasher"She also had a daughter with Atraks. During the event known as the Brothers' War she died in the final battle.

However, most details of her life are very muddled, and it is not known if these events are actually factual reports.

Abilities and Traits[]

Kidra's personality traits are currently unknown and undocumented.

As a Toa of Mercury, Kidra had near-perfect control over Mercury. As such, at a basic level, she could create, control, and absorb Mercury.

Mask and Tools[]

As a Matoran, Kidra had innate Psionic powers, which manifested as a resistance to outside mental influences. It is not certain if she ever became a Toa, but if this did occur, than she would have gained complete access to her elemental Psionic powers. Upon becoming Toa of Mercury, she gained the ability create, control and absorb Mercury.

Kidra wears the Mask of Intangibility, shaped as a Miru. It gave her the power to lower their density to become intangible. This allowed them to pass through solid objects or avoid attacks. The user could also control how low they lowered their density.

Kidra wielded a pair of small daggers and a short, curved blade dubbed as a "slasher".