"Kidhiki was really stupid using a Nova Blast. It weakened him and you killed him. That wont happen with me."
Kuvat 047
GroupDark Hunters
ColorsGreen, Blue
ElementDark Energy
ToolsTwo weapons used to blast dark energy balls
LocationSoul: Havatra Nui

Kidhiki was a powerful Dark Hunter, who was hired by Alex to kill Tapio and Henkka. He worked with Nekka. In the end he was killed by Toa Aino. Later, after he died, Kidhiki was sent to the the Bionicle Underworld.


In his early days, Kidhiki worked as soldier in the Monster Army. Shortly after the battle with Matoran Hordika's Army, Kidhiki, along with Nekka and some other monster warriors left the army. He parted with Nekka, the two worked together on random missions, which they were paid for. Later they joined the Dark Hunters.

In the beginning of Alliance of the Enemies, Alex made an order for the Shadowed One, leader of the Dark Hunters. He wanted two powerful Dark Hunters to help him. Shadowed One sent Nekka and Kidhiki, who started helping Alex. They were assigned to stop some Matoran from entering Alex's Fortress. At one point, the duo battled against them. Kidhiki had elemental powers and he used them as a Nova Blast to send Aino and Iruini flying, seemingly blown up. But in fact, they rocketed into the air and landed to Kowa Mountains. He was later killed by Toa Aino, since he had been weakened by the Nova Blast earlier.

When he died, his soul was sent to Havatra Nui, the bionicle underworld. He is currently working as a slave there.

Abilities and Traits

Kidhiki was very powerful but very stupid at the same time, using a lot of energy for some simple attacks. He used a Nova Blast very quickly, when he felt that they were losing in The Battle of Kidhiki and Nekka, even though they weren't.

Kidhiki could use dark energy as powerful blasts.


Kidhiki carried two tools, used to channel his dark energy blasts.


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