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Title Kideli
Powers Launching beams of heat
Pronunciation Kih-DEHL-ee

The Kanohi Kideli is the Great Mask of Heat Vision.


The Kideli's main distinguishing features include a fire pattern built into the back of the mask, and large eye-holes covered by a translucent screen, which is what actually produced the heat-vision effect. One other notable aspect about this mask is that the connecting cover, which actually connects the Kanohi to the face of a Toa or Matoran, is left exposed underneath the protodermis covering. When activated, the Kideli launched a green-tinged beam of energy.


As a mass produced Kanohi, the Kideli does not have a significant history. It is known that the mask is considered immoral by some Toa, Galek excluded.

Example Usage


Although this image is not a part of the canon story (and badly edited), it demonstrates how the Kideli functioned. The Hero Factory figure's circuits are being subjected to extreme heat—not fire—that causes sparks and flames to blow out of the burned areas.

Known users