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Khaz' Modan
Primary ResidentsLich-Matoran, Corrupted Toa, Bohrok-Kal, Rahkshi, Makuta
Toa, Toa Nuva, Av-Matoran, Glatorians, Matorans
Former ResidentsMakuta General Mutran (fled universe),
Lich of Shadows
(deceased, former universe ruler)
LocationKhaz' Modan Universe , Great Being Galaxy
MakutaSeveral hundreds throughout universe.

Overview and Flights[]

Khaz' Modan consists of seventeen hundred unnamed planets, focusing on the planet now named Loch Korindax. Every other planet has been claimed lifeless and revolves around the bright planet of Loch Korindax. Loch Korindax is the only place in that world to have an inter-universal flight route from Aberndale , Loch Korindax to Alzanaar, Matoran Universe Surface and Oejina, Matoran Universe Surface.

Khaz' Modan Universe[]

The universe was a void the Great Beings threw scraps of planetary failures into, where the inhabitants of Loch Korindax retrieved Matoran that lived on the planetary scraps. That is how Loch Korindax became the only planet inhabited on Khaz' Modan. Loch Korindax' origins too, come from the Great Beings - except a perfect planet was thrown into the trash of the universes. Khaz' Modan was a universe created and then abandoned by the Great Spirit Vitax. However, minor inhabited planets include: Vitax, Khaz' Modan and Verintox.

Loch Korindax Cities[]

The Makuta and Scourge have battled with the forces of Light to control Loch Korindax and the other three planets of Khaz' Modan. But here's a list of controlled cities in Loch Korindax:
Scourge/Makuta Cities

  1. Sunetu-Nui
  2. Kodax
  3. Hedora
  4. Tridon

Toa Cities

  1. Loch-Nui
  2. Darnoxuss
  3. Heir'Modan
  4. Minora

Neutral Cities

  1. Moden'Modan

Vitax' Work[]

Vitax studied hard after randomly creating Khaz' Modan so he could build a better universe and improve his already created universe of Khaz' Modan. However, after creating the unknown universe of Torinui, he completely forgot about Khaz' Modan and made Torinui a perfect multiplanetary universe.


Khaz' Modan comes from the server realm and Eastern Kingdoms region of Khaz Modan (No apostrophe) in the MMORPG World of Warcraft.