Kewa Beach
Primary Residents Rahi
Location Bio-Land, Kowa Mountains
Status In good shape

Kewa Beach on the map

Kewa Beach is a beach near the Kowa Mountains. There is a path from the beach that you can get away from the Kowa Mountains. Kewa Beach has gotten it's name from the swamrs of Kewa that live nearby. The beach isn't inhabited by Matoran, it's kind of abandoned, mostly because of it's location, near mountains.


When Bio-Land was still a part of Mabauto, there was trees and forest on the place of the beach. The beach was formed during several years after Bio-Land's separation from the continent.

Tapio and his friends first came to this shore when they escaped from Feritanaya and came to Bio-Land. Near this beach, The Battle of the Two Large Beasts occured and Tapio and Henkka first met. They then moved away from the beach.

The Rising didn't affect the beach since it's considered a part of the Kowa Mountains that can't be affected by Teridax in Mata Nui's body. Therefore, the beach has been inhabited by many Matoran immigrants from across the BIONICLE Planet.


  • Kewa Beach has been called "Kahu Beach" in some comics and the map of Bio-Land. Kewa Beach is the official name, however.