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'We don't really need any new Toa thank you very much, we are doing fine on our own' Keruun after meeting the Toa Valca


Keruun's history is kept pretty much to himself and those that he trusts. Although what is known is that he lived on an island that was home to the Grav-matoran and Magne-matoran. He also knew Toa Jovan as a matoran and saved his life. He was also one of the first matoran on Valca nui.

Post Great-Cataclysm[]

Despite being one of the first on Valca Nui Keruun was actually one of the last matoran to join the Freedom Fighters. What he did beforehand is unknown although he seems to despise Tryorac at a higher level than most.

Toa Valca[]

The coming of the Toa Valca did not improve the mood of Keruun although it doesen't seem to stop him from working with the Toa (Likely because he wants to finish them off and have them leave as quickly as possible).


When it came to the Toa Valca Keruun's reactions were the opposite of Teries wanting them to leave as quickly as possible.

He also seems very secretive of what he does and only really trusts Teria and to a small extent Whenua Valca with his history. As such he avoids to much contact with other beings, including his allies in the Freedom Fighters.


Gravity shield: An item that can hold back gravity for short periods of time.

Magnetic shield: An item that can pull or repel items to a small extent.


  • Technically both of his weapons represent the two elements of his old home island (namely gravity and magnetism)